No Time To Die & Wonder Woman Have A Common Point Now
Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die & Wonder Woman Have One Similarity(Pic Credit: IMDb)

The anticipation for the next James Bond movie No Time To Die is at its all-time high. And it is justified since the movie has kept fans waiting for the longest. The change in director from Danny Boyle to Cary Fukunaga, followed by the outbreak of COVID-19 and everything that happened around it. The movie is now finally hitting the theatres in the US and some selected other countries.

Technically, this is the last time Daniel Craig playing the 007 prodigy. Keeping that in mind the makers decided to give his abruptly ended love fling closure and also bring it a full circle. But while doing the same they ended up linking themselves to Gal Gadot starrer Wonder Woman. Confused how?

The No Time To Die team shot for the opening sequence in town of Matera, Italy. The same location where the 2017 Wonder Woman was shot. Read on to know more and also what Cary Fukunaga has to say about the same.

Talking to EW, the No Time To Die filmmaker reveals shooting in the town of Matera, Italy, where Wonder Woman’s Themyscira scenes were shot. He said, “The monochrome nature of Matera already makes it feel like a large necropolis. There’s a lot of metaphors there in terms of what Bond was leaving behind for the next chapter. So that’s kind of how we got there. We also combined two different cities in the sequence. The bridge that we say connects Matera to the necropolis is actually in a neighboring town around 30, 40 minutes away called Gravina in Puglia. We made it seem like it’s all part of the same journey, but it’s actually not part of the same town.”

Spoiler ahead, the scene we are talking about has Daniel Craig’s James Bond paying his last respects to Vesper Lynd played by Eva Green. If you remember, in No Time To Die actor’s first outing Casino Royale, Lynd had betrayed Bond. Cary Fukunaga says he wanted to pay tribute to Craig’s first James Bond movie by shooting at that location. Because Bond and Vesper’s relationship bloomed in Italy.

“Because their romance was so centered in Italy, we felt we could do something that somehow ended there as well,” says No Time To Die director Fukunaga. “To move forward with Madeleine Swann [Léa Seydoux], Bond has to let go of his past and holding on to that grudge with Vesper Lynd was part of that. Forgiveness is a big part of this opening sequence.”

No Time To Die hits USA screens on October 18. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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