Daniel Craig Shares About The Time He Accidentally Broke Spectre Co-Star Dave Bautista's Nose While Filming A Fight Scene
Daniel Craig Broke Dave Bautista’s Nose While Filming Spectre & Ran Away (Photo Credit: Instagram & IMDb)

Daniel Craig once broke Dave Bautista’s nose. The actor has been making the news a lot recently. His new and final hurrah as the iconic British spy James Bond, No Time to Die, will be released this year. The film faced several delays due to the director change and because of the COVID-19 situation. Now, after waiting for some time, fans will finally get to see 007 in action.

The movie is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and co-stars Rami Malek, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Jeffrey Wright, Ana de Armas and many more stars.

Recently, Daniel Craig appeared on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, where he talked about some of the most painful injuries that occurred on the set of his James Bond films. It is then when he revealed that he once broke Dave Bautista’s nose during a fight scene on a train in 2015’s Bond movie Spectre and then ran away at the fear of reprisal.

Watch the video here:

“I threw a punch and hit him on the nose,” Daniel Craig said. “I heard this crack, and I was like ‘Oh God no’ and ran away. I thought he was going to come after me, but he was so sweet.” He then explained that Dave Bautista dismissed his fears and casually fixed his nose back into position. “He’s a lot tougher than I am. I’ll give him that,” Craig said.

The actor also revealed that even he hurt himself once during the fight scene with Bautista. He explained that Dave, who was a former professional wrestler, threw him around during the fight sequence, but he was being “gentle” due to their difference in physical size.

Daniel Craig also shared that he challenged Dave Bautista to pick up the intensity, which led to a knee injury. “I ended up on the wall, but my knee was over here somewhere. I knew, and it was horrible because if anyone’s had a serious injury, you just know in your head that something is wrong,” the actor said.

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