Kanye West ‘Ye’ Is Publicly Harassing Kim Kardashian In The Name Of Entertainment To Take Control & It's Not Funny - Here's Why
Kanye West ‘Ye’ Is Publicly Harassing Kim Kardashian In The Name Of Entertainment To Take Control & It’s Not Funny! ( Photo Credit – Kim Kardashian / Instagram )

The world right now has become such a depressing place to be. And well, social media has an important role to play in the same. You ask me how? A lot of times, we blindly follow the trends without knowing about them and the consequences they might have on our close ones. And well, as long as some powerful men in the world are considered, they never leave a chance to mock women in their lives or make them feel undervalued because of their male chauvinistic ego. What is happening in the name of entertainment to Kim Kardashian by her ex-husband and rapper Kanye West ‘Ye’ is nothing new but shame on us for supporting a man who has been visibly harassing such a powerful woman on a world platform.


Now, some of you might think that the rapper is only trying to get back his family and pleading to his wife to mend ways and come back to him. Fancy, right? No, it’s not how it seems. Kanye wants ‘CONTROL’ and if it’s yet not visible to you then you, my friend need help too. A man who treats a woman as equal would never go to this length to demean a woman publicly and then ask for an apology.


I don’t remember Kanye West supporting a single white woman in the history of music ever. This man is so high on his own life and success that he doesn’t even respect the efforts that women put in day and night to make it big in their respective communities and lives. Kim Kardashian has always supported her husband through thick and thin. From his public embarrassments to running for President of the United States, I mean, Kim really must have loved him to let him think & believe in himself to an extent where he thought he could run one of the most powerful countries in the world. LOL.

If you would ask me, this isn’t the first time that a woman has to go through public shame because of a powerful man involved in her life. You take an example of our own country, men here can’t take a ‘NO’. The number of r*pes, s*xual harassment and acid attack cases happening in this country on a regular basis are enough to make a woman live in silence than speak or revolt her heart out in the public.

How is it that when you decide to break up with a man and move on in life is the time when they realise your value and wants you back? Were they blind all this while? No. The only thing they wouldn’t have post the separation would be CONTROL. And well, male wiring doesn’t allow that, or does it?

What’s wrong if Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson? I mean, Kanye West can date and make out with Julia Fox in public but his ex-wife can’t be in love with a new man. I’m sorry but what century are we living in.

And I want to ask people sharing memes on Kanye and Kim, what if this same mockery was happening with your family? Would you still have behaved the same way? Stop labelling someone’s personal discomfort as ‘Entertainment’ because it’s not.

There’s a way to get back things and people in life but the way, the rapper has been doing is nothing but demeaning for the rest of the family who’s going through humiliation because of his actions. If you want your family and kids back, might as well follow the legal procedures and do it gracefully without making a scene of your personal life in the eye of the public. I’m glad America didn’t choose Ye as their president after Donald Trump or else this would have gone down in history!

What Kanye West is doing in the name of taking control is nothing but DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. And if you’re someone who thinks it is funny and the way he has been handling things is okay; then there’s something definitely wrong with you. Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to be his MUSE anymore if you know what I mean (wink wink).

Also, talking about powerful men in the business, Vladimir Putin is one more prime example of how someone in power can cause so much damage to the world for his own beliefs. It’s high time for men to come down from their high horses and stop living in their imaginary world. Because I don’t know if you know but who run the world? Girls. I didn’t say that, Beyonce did. PERIOD.

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