Jimmy Fallon Takes A Hilarious Dig At Peacock’s Bel-Air & Its Coincidental Clash With Will Smith’s Slap Controversy, Deets Inside!
Jimmy Fallon Takes A Hilarious Dig At Peacock’s Bel-Air & Its Coincidental Clash With Will Smith’s Slap Controversy(Photo Credit–Instagram/Poster)

Several shows are making a comeback after a long pandemic break and NBCUniversal Upfront is one from the list as well. The show was held in person for the first time since 2019 and television personality Jimmy Fallon was one of the presenters who left a deep impact through it. In a part of it, he could be seen joking about Will Smith related show Bel-Air and the infamous slap controversy. The whole CNN+ debacle was also a part of the sketch.

For the unversed, Bel Air is a modern-day reimagination of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which featured Will Smith in a key role. The sitcom focuses on Will’s journey from West Philadelphia streets to Bel-Air. The show is a massive hit and the first season clicked off in March this year.

According to a report by Variety, Jimmy Fallon started off the sketch on a high note as he made a joke on Peacock and said, “There are roughly 6,000 people in this room right now, which means statistically speaking, six of you have signed up for Peacock.”

Speaking about popular shows and how Bel-Air clashed with Will Smith’s Oscars slap controversy, Jimmy Fallon said, “I’m kidding, Peacock is incredibly successful. We have over 60 million users, ‘The Office,’ ‘Miami Vice’ and our newest hit repeat, ‘Yellowstone.’ How about the reboot of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ Did we nail the timing of that or not?! Nailed it!”

Jimmy Fallon even went on to make a hilarious comment about CNN+ which was pulled off as he said, “I’ll only be here for a minute or two, or as it is known in our industry, CNN+. Yes, CNN pulled off the impossible. They created a streaming service that made Quibi look good. But I’m not here to make fun of CNN+, because today’s presentation is only scheduled for a couple of hours now.”

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