BTS Army In Pakistan Are Heart Broken After Pakistani Politician Furquan Aziz Butt, Takes down Jungkook's Birthday Billboard
Pakistani Politician Takes Down BTS Member Jungkook’s Birthday Billboard in Gujranwala ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

The Pakistani BTS fans went to new heights in order to celebrate the K-pop band’s member Jeon Jungkook’s birthday. The megaband has earned one of the biggest fan bases of all, as they call themselves ARMY.


Regarding this an incident took place in Gujranwala, Pakistan, where a birthday billboard featuring Jeon Jungkook, was taken down within a few hours after it was put up on the singer’s 24th birthday.


The birthday AD that was put up on Jungkook’s birthday (Sept 1), was ascended for about four storeys over an intersection In the city. The words printed on it were “Jungkook BTS Gujranwala Army”.

The provincial assembly candidate Furqan Aziz Butt, who is also working for Islamist political party Jamaat-e-Islami, had the birthday hoarding put up by Army for Jungkook, removed after he claimed to have received “a lot of complaints” from citizens.

While speaking to the entertainment outlet Vice, the local politician stated that: “There was so much commotion. There are young people in this city. This group has a negative influence on them and encourages them to behave in wrong activities. They promote homosexuality.”

“Why was this put up here? They don’t have a brand name here nor do they sell products here,” he added. “The people who put it up call themselves the ‘Gujranwala Army’. There’s only the Pakistan army here.”

The ARMY has flared up in disappointment over the move of the local politician, the hashtags used by them “#PakBTSARMYsAreStrong” and “#PakistanLovesBTS” are trending on Twitter. They also brought up that Pakistani fans had arranged many charity drives to support the local communities.

One of the BTS Fan Zainab Saman, from Islamabad, told Vice: “The Gujranwala incident has hurt Pakistan’s BTS army very badly. A politician just comes up out of nowhere and says that BTS is promoting homosexuality and spreading vulgarity. BTS has never used vulgar verses in their songs. They are just about loving yourself and being happy. Doesn’t he know how much he is ruining Pakistan’s image?”

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