The Boys Fame Antony Starr Almost Gave A Pass On His Homelander Due To Henry Cavill
The Boys Fame Antony Starr Almost Gave A Pass On His Homelander Due To Superman Henry Cavill ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

In the role of The Boys’ Homelander, Antony Starr is just vile and menacing, to say the least. He portrays the character brilliantly, but did you know he was skeptical about taking up the part? It has something to do with the Superman actor Henry Cavill. Recently, The Boys Season 4’s first official teaser was released, and while waiting for the upcoming season, learn more about this exciting throwback incident.

The Amazon Prime Video series started in 2019 and has been the most popular ever. It is known for its violence, bloodshed, and unique concept. The superheroes are generally considered good people who protect the commoners from any harm or threat, but this series takes you on a darker journey and portrays the negative side of the heroes. The Vought International Corporation, an influential company, manages several superheroes.

Henry Cavill became immensely popular in the role of Superman in Man of Steel and will probably be one of the best Clark Kent actors ever. So, when the part for The Boys’s Homelander came to Antony Starr, the actor allegedly did not want to play it. According to Metro, Starr did not look at the script initially sent to him by his reps. After a week, when he saw that it was a superhero role, he had doubts as he thought the makers would pick someone like Henry Cavill for the role of Homelander. Henry possessed a ripped physique and was powerfully built for his debut role as Clark Kent in Man of Steel.

The actor once recalled, “I’m not made for that. Henry Cavill’s 12 feet tall, built like a 12-foot brick s**t house, and he’s wonderful, handsome, and charming – I’m not going to get that.” Those who have watched the series know that The Boys is enormously different from other superhero films. In this, the heroes also kill the innocents, s*xually harass the teammates, have no sympathy towards common people, and are simply ruthless.

The Homelander actor Antony Starr further stated how he was hassled into filming the audition tape for the show, and he finally did it out of spite for his reps. It was then sent to Eric Kripke, the creator of the Prime Video series, and fortunately for the fans, they liked Starr’s audition, and then the rest is history. Antony is now returning in The Boys Season 4.

Recalling his screentest for the role of Homelander, The Boys actor said, ” I got the behind-the-scenes guys to record my screen test in a basement that looks like the Blair Witch would get you. ‘Before I knew it, I was donning spandex.” He read the script after the makers selected his audition tape.

Antony Starr appeared as Homelander in the spin-off series of The Boys, Gen V in a guest role. The series is based on Garth Ennis’ comic book series of the same name.

Meanwhile, The Boys Season 4 is all set to premiere in 2024; check out its trailer here:

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