When The Bold & The Beautiful Creator Bradley Bell Defended Caroline & Thomas Forrester S*xual Assault Despite Fan Backlash
The Bold & The Beautiful Creator Bradley Bell Defended S*xual Assault Scene. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen daytime’s most talented actors, Linsey Godfrey and Pierson Fodé, on the Bold & Beautiful. The actress who portrayed Caroline Spencer Forrester and Thomas Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful departed the show two years after a controversial episode aired on-screen, and fans were up in arms, slamming the show. However, show creator Bradley E. Bell defended the controversial storyline.

Soap Operas are known to create wild and insane storylines that often leave viewers baffled at their audacity. While The Bold & The Beautiful doesn’t win the race in audacious plots, it certainly is known to push the boundaries on several occasions. A particular episode elicited strong fan reactions, raising questions about consent.

In 2015, the CBS daytime drama The Bold & the Beautiful aired a controversial episode featuring Linsey Godfrey and Pierson Fodé. Godfrey portrayed the vixen-turned-heroine, Caroline Spencer Forrester. Fodé was portrayed as an arrogant womanizer, Thomas Forrester.

In the episode, Caroline had too much to drink with anti-anxiety medication, amplifying her impairment when Thomas initiated s*x.

The next morning, Caroline had no memory of the act and attacked Thomas when he attempted to touch her. While Caroline’s reaction suggested she felt violated by the non-consensual s*x. After a visceral fan reaction, the show transformed Thomas into a saint and Caroline into a villain for keeping the baby from the sexual assault a secret.

Despite Fan backlash, The Bold & The Beautiful creator defended the controversial scene in a TV Guide interview, saying, “Caroline had taken a pill and was a bit out of it, but Thomas did not know about that pill. Caroline was kissing him back. It was very much a give-and-take.”

Bell added, “Thomas was under the clear perception that the sex was consensual. He is not the type of character who would do something like this. I don’t think it was fuzzy.”

Bell explained Thomas was unaware of Caroline’s inebriated state and, hence, was not to blame for the alleged sexual assault.

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