When Game Of Thrones' Emila Clarke Reminded Kit Harington Of Having S*x In S06
When Game of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke Asked Kit Harington, “Do You Remember In Season Six When We Had S*x?(Photo Credit: Emilia Clarke/Instagram;Kit Harington/wikimedia)

American fantasy drama Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series ever produced. The show gave us several memorable characters including Jon Snow who became much loved by the audience around the world. He may know nothing, but Kit Harington did know how to face a few questions from his fans.

Back in 2019, the British actor gave a monologue at ‘Saturday Night Live’ where three of his co-stars Emilia Clarke, John Bradley, and Rose Leslie had also appeared. Interestingly, the three of them appeared not on stage but from the audience giving a hard time to Kit.

Kit Harington began by introducing himself and his work. He then said, “‘Game of Thrones’ was obviously huge for me and I’m very grateful for all the fans, but I’ve gotta say, after 10 years I’m really excited to see what comes next.” A fan then cut him off and wanted to know who “wins” the show.

However, Lord Commander said he wasn’t at liberty to reveal such information, but the fan wasn’t ready to take no for an answer. The fan got more hostile: “‘At liberty’? Bitch, I’m not here for sketches. Who wins ‘Game of Thrones?’” As hilarious as it gets, he wasn’t alone in asking the question.

Emilia Clarke, who played the role of Daenerys Targaryen, then emerged from the audience and asked for a “general sense” of how the epic series concludes. Surprised Kit Harington asked, “Wait a second, Emilia, you’re in the show. You know already.”

Emilia then replied, “Well yeah, but, you know, I forgot. I mean, it’s been so damn long since the last season,” and pointed out that it has been nearly two years since “Thrones” last aired. The English actress then asked, “Oh hey, do you remember in season six when we had sex?” To which Kit replied in the affirmative, she said, “Did you know they filmed that?”

If this wasn’t enough, Rose Leslie, who played the role of Ygritte, also showed up to interrupt him. The Scottish actress asked, “Oh, no I don’t go by that. I’m not a nerd. My question is what are going to do for money now? I mean we didn’t save anything and you kept telling me, ‘Oh, I’m the King of the North. We can own it Uber Eats every night.'”

To which Kit Harington replies, “Honey, don’t worry we will be okay. I will make my jewellery and you have your little songs.” For the unversed, Kit and Rose met on the sets of Game of Thrones and cupid struck. They are now married as well. She then also asked him, “okay, honey. I love you. Wait, one more question. I mean how soon can you grow back that beard?. Kit cut her off saying, “I Love you, too.”

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