Urfi Javed Lashes Out At Designer Farah Khan Ali After She Called Her Dressing ‘Distasteful’ - Deets Inside
Urfi Javed Lashes Out At Designer Farah Khan Ali After She Called Her Dressing ‘Distasteful’(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sussanne Khan’s sister and designer Farah Khan Ali recently called Urfi Javed’s dressing sense ‘distasteful’ in a comment on social media. This for obvious reasons didn’t go well with Urfi who gave a savage reply to the designer on her Instagram stories and slammed her for her ‘hypocrisy’. The television actress never misses an opportunity to make headlines and is now at loggerheads with Farah. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Recently, Urfi got into a heated argument with a security guard who didn’t let her enter the venue and a video of the same was going crazy viral on social media. Reacting to the same, Farah commented in one of the videos, “Sorry to say but this young girl needs to be reprimanded for distasteful dressing. People are making fun of her and she thinks they like the way she dresses. Wish someone would tell her.”

Now, Urfi Javed took to her Instagram handle and slammed Farah Khan Ali for her comments on her dressing sense and wrote, “@farahkhanali Ma’am, what is exactly ‘tasteful’ dressing? Please define it for me. Also I know U people don’t like the way I dress, I’m not living in a bubble but also I don’t care about people’s opinions. You wear something that has a designer tag to it, so it’s tasteful? Your relatives have starred and produced movies where women have worn tiniieee tiny clothes in item numbers. Really that’s tasteful! and S*xualising a woman’s body for an item number, that’s acceptable? Charity begins at home. Peace out! This was really unnecessary on your part, Star kids wearing whatever they want is tasteful. Of course.”

Urfi Javed continued and added further, “You Spoke about how people don’t like my dressing sense so I should change it. Wow, people have a lot to say about your family. Does your family listen to them and change? Star kids get trolled Too for their dressing sense, you would tell them too to change their style? Telling me to change cause the world doesn’t like me is so 80’s. Kal ko people will tell your kids that they don’t like their face so they should change it? What logic. This is what you will teach your daughter? People don’t like you, please change yourself! So not expected this from a lady like you! You subtly sl*t shamed me. I don’t see you giving the same advice to star kids out there publicly!”

Not just that the actress also shared Farah Khan Ali’s bikini picture on her Instagram with a strong caption lashing out at her.

What are your thoughts on Urfi Javed’s reaction to Farah’s comments on her dressing sense? Tell us in the comments below.

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