Uorfi Javed Lashes Out At Chetan Bhagat Over His “Distracting Boys” Comment
Uorfi Javed Calls Out Chetan Bhagat’s “Distracting Boys” Comment ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Author Chetan Bhagat recently gained the attention of netizens when he allegedly commented on Uorfi Javed while expressing his concern over the youth getting distracted by the same. However, his comment wasn’t received well and received a backlash from the netizens.

Uorfi Javed is best known for her quirky fashionable outfits that she frequently showcases at various events. On the other hand, Chetan Bhagat is a noted Indian author whose novels have often been adapted into Bollywood movies namely 3 Idiots, Hello, Half Girlfriend, 2 States, etc.



According to a report by NDTV, Chetan Bhagat recently landed in trouble for his latest comment on Uorfi Javed during a literature event. The author addressed the audience and stated how the phone had been a great distraction for the youth, especially boys who were spending hours watching Instagram stories. He went on to share his opinion on Uorfi Javed’s photos and asked everyone what would they do with her pictures or her outfits. He even gave an example of the soldiers protecting our nations at the Kargil and shed light on the other youth who were watching Uorfi’s photos hiding in the blankets.

Chetan Bhagat said, “Phone has been a great distraction for the youth, especially the boys, spending hours just watching Instagram Reels. Everyone knows who Uorfi Javed is. What will you do with her photos? Is it coming in your exams or you will go for a job interview and tell the interviewer that you know all her outfits? On one side, there is a youth who is protecting our nation at Kargil and on another side, we have another youth who is seeing Uorfi Javed’s photos hiding in their blankets.”

In response to Chetan Bhagat’s comment, Uorfi Javed took to her Instagram stories and expressed her anger towards the author for blaming her clothes for men’s behaviour. She wrote, “Men like him will always blame the women than accepting their own shortcomings. Stop promoting r*pe culture you sickos out there. Blaming women’s clothes for the behaviour of men is so 80s Mr Chetan Bhagat.” Moreover, she even shared screenshots of the author’s alleged chats that were leaked in media during the MeToo movement.

The moment Uorfi Javed reacted to Chetan Bhagat’s comment, numerous netizens began lashing out at the author after which he tweeted again to clarify his side of the story. He wrote, “Have never spoken to/chatted with/met/ known someone where it’s being spread that I have done so. It’s fake. a lie. also a Non issue. Haven’t criticised anyone. And I also think there’s nothing wrong in telling people to stop wasting time on Instagram and focus on fitness and career.”

Meanwhile, Chetan Bhagat continues to face backlash from the netizens for his comment on Uorfi Javed. A user wrote, “First line “Have never spoken to” Next line “also a Non issue”. After that “I also think there’s nothing wrong in telling people to stop wasting time on Instagram and focus on fitness and career”. How many contradicting statements. Effect of Pfizer vaccine looks like,” another stated, “Stop wasting time on twitter instead focus on your career and learn how to improve writing books,” and other user wrote, “Chetan sir in public interest please waste your time on Instagram and not in writing new books.”

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