The Mindy Project Should Be In Your Watch List, Here Is Why!
Looking For An Uber Cool Snackable Series? The Mindy Project Is The One For You(Pic credit – Imdb )

Amazon Prime’s The Mindy Project featuring Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ed Weeks and more is an uber-cool series about the life of obstetricians/ gynaecologists. If you think the doctors have a boring life, you must watch the series as these doctors have more fun than anyone I know. In today’s article, I will be discussing Mindy’s character and why this series should be in your watch list.

When you watch this series, you will surely wonder how Mindy ended up being a doctor. We surely want a prequel to the show where we get to see how she did when she was a med student. She is a girl who grew up watching romantic movies and reading love stories. As a result, she had always dreamt of a perfect relationship. Mindy desperately needs love and validation from people but always ends up messing with the situation. Sounds relatable, right?

Mindy is the one who would bail the person who tried to mug her. She loves food and takes offend if people call her chubby. The best thing about her is that she, despite needing someone’s love so badly, has the courage to let them go. There is an episode in season 1 where she goes on a date with a guy named Jamie but realized that he subconsciously was in love with his best friend. Even after being desperately infatuated towards Jamie, she lets him go and makes him realize that he loved Lucy. This is her essential goodness that keeps us glued to the show throughout.

Equally quirky are the other characters of the show be it Mindy’s co-workers or her love interests. From Danny Castellano’s comforting warmth towards Mindy wrapped in an awkward shield to Jeremy Reed’s English charm to Morgan Tookers’ stupid ideologies, The Mindy Project is a show that should be in your watch list if you are looking for a happy go lucky snackable content. I agree that the show has some really stupid dialogues but they are put in a manner that you can’t deny laughing on them.

Well, which are shows you guys have been watching? Do let us know via comments and stay tuned to Koimoi for more updates.

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