The Boys: Recollecting Karl Urban, Jack Quaid & Others' Work Before This Hit Series
The Boys: Recollecting Karl Urban, Jack Quaid & Others’ Work Before This Hit Series (Photo Credit – IMDB )

If you thought you’d seen it all when it came to Superheroes, the mega-hit series, The Boys by Amazon Prime Original made everyone eat humble pie. The series offers an alternative take on the superhero world and the way they are perceived in a way beyond your wildest imagination. Set in a world where the multi-billion corporation Vought has their own brand of superheroes called The Seven or Supes, who have undisputed power over the public, politicians and the truth, we see a band of people team up to put them in their place and revolt against injustice.


After a phenomenal season 1, The Boys are ready to rock in season 2 with new episodes being dropped every Friday on Amazon Prime Video. With a third season already on the cards, it appears as though the show’s incredible cast is going to be around for a very long time. With each of the characters leaving you in awe, you might be wondering if you’ve seen these stars from The Boys before. Without any further ado, it’s time we refreshed your memory and tell you the shows or movies where you’ve watched them packing a punch.

Billy Butcher – Played by Karl Urban


Probably the most successful of the lot, Karl Urban is known for playing a pivotal role in movies like Lord of the Rings, Thor, Dredd and Deep Space to name a few. Famously known for playing Éomer in the LOTR franchise as well as Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy from the Star Trek films of the 2000s, we this time see Karl play the character of an ex-CIA officer who is fixated on bringing down the corrupt superheroes. Bringing his acting expertise of starring in these actor movies on screen, what we see from the New Zealand actor is him once again playing his role to perfection.

Hughie Campbell – Played by Jack Quaid

A true Hollywood royalty, Jack Quaid, the son of actor Dennis Quaid and actress Meg Ryan started his Hollywood career with the 2012 cult classic The Hunger Games. Though his role was relatively smaller, he still managed to make a lasting impression through his performance. He further played some noteworthy characters like Fish Bang in 2017’s heist flick Logan Lucky along with starring in blockbusters like Rampage and the indie rom-com like Plus One. This time around in The Boys, we see the versatile actor play a character named Hughie who joins the group of vigilantes after his girlfriend Robin is killed by the Supe A-Train in a freak accident. With revenge on his mind, we can’t wait to see what Hughie, a one-time die-hard fan of The Seven, has on his mind as he turns into their biggest nightmare.

The Deep – Played by Chace Crawford

Famously known for playing the character Nate Archibald in teen TV drama Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford was once considered to be the hottest names in Hollywood. The fame that he achieved as Nate all thanks to his boy-next-door looks got him various parts in movies like The Haunting of Molly Hartley, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Mountain Men, Rules don’t apply and many more. We see the charming actor as a Supe name The Deep who is blessed with the ability to breathe underwater and can also speak to sea creatures – even fresh lobsters on the counter in the supermarket for that matter. The fishy superhero has a dreadful introduction to the series, as he uses his fame and powers for the sleaziest ends, but his story takes several unexpected twists turns across the first season itself as he looks to redeem himself and get his life back on track. With Chace, we always know that there’s a lot to look forward to which is exactly why we can’t wait to see what season 2 has in store for this fan favorite.

The Female/ Kimiko – Played by Karen Fukuhara

An awesome television career followed by an even better TV debut, Karen’s career graph is something that most actors can only dream of. Best known for playing the character of the sword-swinging right-hand woman Katana in the 2016 DC Superhero film Suicide Squad, Karen has since the been part of the supernatural thriller Stray and also dubbed her voice for the characters of Sewer Queen and Alexis in the Cartoon Network series Craig of the Creek. This time around it isn’t her voice that does the talking as she plays the character of mute girl called Kimiko who brings the much-needed muscle to the gang who are fighting against the Supes.

Homelander – Played by Antony Starr

Part-Superman, part-Captain America, TV most-terrifying superhero, Homelander has the ability to switch from a beaming All-American hero at one point to being sinister villain filled with pure evil the very next moment. Before landing the main lead in The Boys, you must have recognized Antony from the 2004 comedy Without a Paddle as well as the 2005 motorcycle drama The World’s Fastest Indian. Also known for playing prominent roles in comedy crime drama Outrageous Fortune and mystery drama Wish You Were Here, for which he even won himself Best Supporting Actor award, Antony was yet to make a mark until The Boys came along and changed everything for him.

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