#Alive Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three Stars)


Star Cast: Yoo Ah-in, Park Shin-hye, Jeon Bae-soo

Director: Cho Il-hyung

 #Alive Movie Review: Virus & Zombies Come Together To Serve You A Special Pandemic Recipe
#Alive Movie Review: Virus & Zombies Come Together To Serve You A Special Pandemic Recipe

What’s Good: Some really s*it scary moments

What’s Bad: A few scenes are way too abruptly or conveniently cut which restrict the thrill.

Loo Break: Its duration is just around 100 minutes so you won’t need that. But if scary films are not your thing, you can find some time to get yourself comfortable.

Watch or Not?: Yes, you can!

User Rating:

People in South Korea are suddenly infected by a virus which makes them act like zombies. The situation gets worst in no time and thanks to his on-time realisation, Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in) isolates himself at his home. Meanwhile, from his window, he can see how masses are busy eating up each other.

As he tries to protect himself amid the terrible situation, the challenges keep on getting bigger. There comes a time when his food and water supply get over and he attempts s*icide. Fortunately, he is saved by a girl living in an apartment opposite his building. Both of them then team up for self-rescue. But will they be successful in staying Alive or not? Watch the film to know.

 #Alive Movie Review: Virus & Zombies Come Together To Serve You A Special Pandemic Recipe
#Alive Movie Review: Virus & Zombies Come Together To Serve You A Special Pandemic Recipe

#Alive Movie Review: Script Analysis

The timing of a film like this is perfect because when you see someone being trapped in his house, you can relate to him more than ever before. Though situation on this side of the screen is still much better, it still hits the right note.

The script of the film is tight and engaging. As an audience, it keeps you hooked to the screen and makes you crave to know what happens next. Though the zombie concept has been attempted a lot of times and there’s hardly anything new to watch here, it’s still a nice watch. There are ample of moments which will scare the hell out of you but a few of them keep the scope of thrill limited. For example, the scene where he hangs with the grill. It would’ve been great if they showed his struggle of making it back inside. But they just cut it very conveniently. The climax is also just about fine but the emotional scene before that will really make you cry. If you are an emotional person, you won’t forget that scene for a long time.

Overall, a decent one-time watch film.

#Alive Movie Review: Star Performances & Direction

Yoo Ah-in does a fine job but he could’ve been better with his expressions. Though he is very good in the post s*icide attempt scene. As his character, Joon-woo meets Kim Yoo-bin, he sees a ray of hope. Yoo Ah-in has acted very well in that scene and excels in emoting mixed emotions.

Park Shin-hye is pretty good as Kim. She looks cute and does very well as an actor too.

Jeon Bae-soo has a small part but he is a heart winner especially at the end of the pre-climax emotional scene. His character and performance both will win you over.

Cho Il-hyung has done a very good job as a director. He gets most out of the script which didn’t have a huge scope.

#Alive Movie Review: The Last Word

#Alive is very much watchable for its moments but at its base, it’s just another zombie film.

Rating: 3 stars

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#Alive is streaming at Netflix.


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