Tanuj Virwani On His Intense Performance In Cartel: “My Personality In General Is Hyper & Super Energetic”
Tanuj Virwani Talks About His Intense Performance In Cartel, Read On


One week after the release of the tentpole show Cartel, lead actor Tanuj Virwani is overwhelmed with the kind of accolades coming his way for his intense act in the underworld web series with a difference, what with the entire drama centred on the functioning of a family. For audiences, this is an altogether new Tanuj which is being seen after varied parts in shows like Inside Edge, Poison, The Tattoo Murders and Tandoor, to name a few.

So how did he actually go about delivering a performance which is simmering yet controlled?


“Well yes, this has been an intense outing and a long one at that. I have worked on this show for two years and I had to really bring on a new side of me. My personality in general is very hyper and super energetic. So when a character like Major comes where I have to be someone different from what I really am, it’s a lot of fun. Moreover, I like to mix my roles. I may do a lighter one like Murder Meri Jaan and in parallel do something like Cartel. It keeps me going,” says Tanuj.

In Cartel, he has been presented as an out and out Bollywood hero, what with action, drama, intensity, romance and above all family values coming together.

“For that I have to credit the writer, director and my co-stars; we all are playing off each other’s energy. Moreover, no one is insecure of the other as we were confident about ourselves. Like Rithwik and I are good friends in real life as well so it further helped us both. Moreover, we both are on similar age group too,” adds Tanuj, “Personally for me the part of Major Bhau really worked well since it’s such a nicely fledged out character. I loved every scene of mine in there.”

The manner in which 14 episodes long Cartel comes to a close, a sequel is definitely on the cards.

“Well, all I can say is that what Inside Edge has done in the sports category, Cartel will do for the gangster genre. I hope Ekta (Kapoor) goes ahead and makes the second season now,” chuckles Tanuj before signing off.

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