Succession: Roman, Shiv Or Kendall - Who Is 'Logan Roy's Favourite Child? Brian Cox Spills The Beans
Succession: Roman, Shiv Or Kendall – Who Is ‘Logan Roy’s Favourite Child? Brian Cox Spills The Beans

The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards were finally held this morning, and we are impressed by the winner list. HBO’s drama series, Succession, took home trophies in more than one categories. The series, created by Jesse Armstrong, features Brian Cox as the show’s intimidating patriarch, Logan Roy.

During a recent interview with LiveMint, the actor opened up about his take on Logan Roy and his favourite on-screen child. Read it all here.



The character Logan dismisses deaths on his ships as inconsequential and thinks everyone is beneath him. On being asked if this leads to a lonely world, Brian Cox said, “That’s an interesting thought. I’m not sure he thinks like that. I think he thinks the human experiment is rather disappointing. That the greed and avarice of people is something he has all too easily exploited, and he is slightly contemptuous of the fact that he has been able to exploit it to such an extent.”

Brian Cox continued, “So he does feel that human beings have not lived up to their potential. So there’s an element in Logan of a disappointed person. It doesn’t have to come to the fore, it’s part of his mystery, but there is that element.”

When asked if there is a particular facet of Logan’s character he taps into for his performance, Brian Cox said, “Well, I think the element that one digs into is the struggle about being alive, and the struggle that he has — which isn’t to the fore, because clearly there are and have been struggles in his life — the biggest struggle for him is to come to terms with his children’s inadequacies.”

In Succession, Brian Cox’s character has four children. The first son is Connor, followed by a power-hungry Kendall, then the irreverent Roman and finally the politically savvy Siobhan. On being asked if Logan has a favourite child, Cox said, “Well, of course he’s got one. You know, like all fathers… It’s ironic because I have three sons, I have a son from a different marriage, and I’ve got a daughter, and one always has a stronger bond with your female child. I don’t know why, but you do.”

Succession won three Emmy’s at the recently concluded award show. This includes Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series – Jeremy Strong, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series – Jesse Armstrong (This is Not for Tears) and Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series – Cherry Jones.

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