A Detailed Character Analysis Of Skyler White From Breaking Bad
Anna Gunn Played Skyler White In One Of The Most Loved TV Shows Breaking Bad ( Photo Credit – IMDB )

Played By: Anna Gunn

Show: Breaking Bad


Streaming On: Netflix

There are millions of Breaking Bad fans in the world. While all those people have totally understood the show, its minute details and really adore the characters of Walter White & Jesse Pinkman, not many have been able to understand Skyler White. In fact, most of the BB fans really hate Anna Gunn played the character.


Over the years, she has received so much hate from the viewers that she is considered one of the most hated characters of TV history. She, in fact, received death threats once from her haters. Height! Isn’t it?

But I personally think that Skyler doesn’t deserve even 1% of the hate she has got in all the years. I mean if each of her haters sits down for some time and thinks calmly, they won’t find any reason for the hate apart from one that she always intentionally or unintentionally comes in a way of Walter White. But again who deserves hate for being protective about her husband and stopping him from going on harm’s way.

No matter how noble the intentions of Walter White were for his family, his actions can’t be justified. Skyler was always suspicious of the changing behaviour of Walter and hence she was just being a protective wife which isn’t a crime obviously.

Some people have alleged that Skyler never loved Walter White but that isn’t true. If she wasn’t in love with him, she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to convince him for the cancer treatment. She tried everything in her capacity, asked for financial and moral help wherever she found apt. All this while, she was always looking for Walter’s attention which she wasn’t getting when he was busy with meth-cooking and its distribution.

Yes, she changed with time and had affair with her boss Ted but that was after she went through a hell of emotions. It was her way of taking revenge from her husband. She thought that she will teach him a lesson and in that way, her burning heart will be relieved. But that didn’t happen. And as soon as she realised, she tried to fix her relationship with Walter White. She agreed to help him when she thought that Walter is only involved in gambling. She helped him in money laundering breaking her moral compass. But she was just a strong lady when she decided to finally leave him because his future was dark and she couldn’t afford to have that dark shadow on her children.

You know you can’t hate Skyler for not loving Walter anymore when even his son stops loving him. A son who referred to his mother as ‘Bi*ch’ while thinking her behaviour against his father was unreasonable.

Overall, Breaking Bad has its own way of building up the character of Skyler. You may misunderstand her earlier but there are so many clues out there which you just need to catch. Skyler wasn’t a woman who was against Walter White, she was against Heisenberg and her husband’s choice of being just that.

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