Scam 1992 Is Streaming On SonyLIV since Oct 9.
Scam 1992 Stars Pratik Gandhi In The Role Of Infamous Stock Broker Harshad Mehta ( Photo Credit – IMDB )

It has been more than 2 months since Scam 1992 started streaming on SonyLIV. While the world has been singing praises of the show and calling it the best of the year, I only got a chance to watch it in the weekend gone by.

Well, my opinion is not any different from anybody as after watching this Hansal Mehta & Jai Mehta show even I think this is one of the greatest Indian shows to come out. In this piece, I’ll discuss what makes Scam 1992 one of the best shows ever.

1) Writing: Sumit Purohit, Saurav Dey, Vaibhav Vishal & Karan Vyas have come together to present their world-class writing skills with Scam 1992. I was simply blown away with the kind of screenplay the team has written and the sheer brilliance that it carries.

While the detailing in the show is commendable, I became a fan of the writing because it explains every technical detail so perfectly. A big pat on the back of each writer because not just the show has impressed financial and economical geeks, it explains everything to a layman like me. Just notice the scene when Sharad Bellary reaches TOI office to inform about the scam. Writers are totally clear about how to connect with their viewers and how to make them understand the technical terms like Bull, Bear, Big Bull, BR, SGL, PDO and more. They carry a very technical and practical approach by first establishing the terms and then explaining them slowly and steadily in phases. This doesn’t just make the audience feel connected to the drama but also intrigues them for what’s coming up next.

And it’s just a very small part. As the show progresses you notice the efforts and hardwork writers have put in for their job. There’s a cartoon serial song in one of the initial episodes of the show and the way it connects three consecutive scenes is so creative.

Let’s talk about the dialogues now. Everyone is appreciating dialogues like, “Main cigarette nahi peeta….” but apart from the filmy ones, I really loved those which are subtle and earthy. Remember a dialogue when someone is talking about Harshad and says, “Isko bhaagne ka bahot shaunk hai, chalega nahi to chalega nahi.” How beautiful is that and how beautifully it explains what’s coming up next.

2) Performances: What to say about Pratik Gandhi & Shreya Dhanwanthary’s performance? Both have played their part in a legendary way and it’s almost impossible to believe that they aren’t the characters they are playing. While Pratik totally gets into the skin of Harshad Mehta and lives it to the perfection, Shreya also hits the bull’s eye with the character of Sucheta Dalal. It has been such a pleasure to see these brilliant actors on screen and I am sure that they are going to be really big in future.

Mukesh Chhabra’s casting is also a huge plus as every actor is at a perfect place. Talking about Pratik playing Harshad, It appeared to me a lot of times that I was actually watching Harshad playing himself in the show. The camera angles also play a great part in that.

3) Subtle yet very effective romantic angle: Most of the Indian thrillers and dramas suffer as they end up showing romance in a very cheesy or cringe-worthy way. Scam 1992 is such a relief! While it has romance as a major element never does it feels out of the place.

Talk about the chemistry of Harshad with his wife Jyoti or the romance between Sucheta and Debashish, it’s so refreshing and adds to the beauty of the show.

4) Background Music: Achint Thakkar has given legendary BGM for the show and no doubt it has created its own fan following. And not to forget the song, “Mat kar maaya ko ahankar”. God! It has to be one of the most beautiful Indian songs of all time.

5) Perfect ending: The show is just perfect in many ways but the way it ends is so beautiful. Without being preachy, it sends the message very effectively. The ending and the song made me emotional after a very long time.

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