Rishina Kandhari: "Promoting Better Mental Health Is Important"
Rishina Kandhari: “Promoting Better Mental Health Is Important” (photo credit: Instagram/Rishina Kandhari)

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on October 10, actress Rishina Kandhari reiterated the importance of mental health.

“Seeking help and promoting better mental health is very important, but lack of understanding about mental disorders have been major barriers in the society. Although, of late, there has been an increasing acknowledgement of the important role mental health plays in our lives and I am glad people take it seriously now,” she said.

Rishina has always been open about her emotions.

“I don’t let emotions bottle up inside and prefer sharing it with my family and friends. Whenever something bothers me, I discuss it with them and get clarity on that thought,” she said.

“I have received second degree Reiki from my mother who is a Reiki grand master. Whenever I feel a little low or don’t feel well, I treat myself with Reiki,” she added.

Food peps her, too. “Whenever I feel low, I eat something sweet or do a cheat meal, involve myself in laughter, art, music and the things which make the heart happy. I try to be optimistic and indulge into positive reading and Reiki which heals me from within,” she said.

Rishina is currently seen in the Dangal TV show, “Aye Mere Humsafar“. Do you agree with Rishina and her thoughts? Do you also have sweet & cheat meal when low? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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