Yo Yo Honey Singh Realised His 'Dangerous Psychotic Symptoms' During Tour With Shah Rukh Khan
Yo Yo Honey Singh Breaks Silence On His Serious Mental Health Problems, “I Had Very Dangerous Psychotic Symptoms…” ( Photo Credit – Twitter )

Rapper-singer Yo Yo Honey Singh is one of the biggest names in the India Music Industry. He has given us chartbusters like Brown Rang, Sunny Sunny, Blue Eyes and many more iconic songs. He reached the pinnacle of his profession before being abruptly overcome by a mental disease that took his life after 7 years.

The rapper is also gradually restarting his career and caring for himself better than he did in the past. He recently spoke out about the serious mental health problems he experienced throughout his career. Scroll down to know more.

During a conversation with Pinkvilla, Yo Yo Honey Singh said, “I wasn’t really able to understand what was happening. I was in an America tour with Shah Rukh bhai (Shah Rukh Khan), and before that, we were travelling like crazy. I had built a show called Rockstar on Star Plus at that time. So we were shooting things in London, Durban, and Bombay and then going back to New York and Chicago. We were doing crazy things. I did sense a few problems during the tours, and in one show, it all crashed. I had very dangerous psychotic symptoms. I didn’t understand what was happening. I just wanted to go home and asked to take me home. I left the tour and travelled back to India. I saw a doctor, and he didn’t get it. In today’s time, even those who acknowledge mental health face the same problem that India doesn’t have enough doctors. This is what I want to say.”

The Lungi Dance singer went on to say, “I needed many doctors and good doctors. I needed big doctors and experienced doctors. I used to say, ‘Why, despite taking medicines for three years, my symptoms don’t go. Why am I the same? You don’t know?!’. My family used to say that he (the doctor) has 30 years of experience, and I used to say that I don’t have 30 years. ‘I don’t have 30 years to give. Please change the doctor’. The problem is that not just in India but the world doesn’t have enough doctors. The parents who acknowledge that their child has mental problems and agree for a doctor’s visit that isn’t the solution. What if the doctor is wrong? For 5-6 years, I didn’t get the (right) doctor.

Honey, further revealed, “I got better in 2021. From June July 2021, I am getting no symptoms. I am getting settled and slowly doing work. I am doing shows and also working on my fitness. I am taking less medicines and not recklessly. My new doctor from Delhi is like an angel in my life. He has entirely changed my life. The problem that I was facing for five years, and after consulting seven doctors, he solved it in 3 months.”

So what do you think about Yo Yo Honey Singh’s openness about the serious mental health problems that he experienced throughout his career? Let us know in the comments.

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