There Was Vever A War Between Long-Format And Short-Format Creators: Ashish Chanchlani
There Was Vever A War Between Long-Format And Short-Format Creators: Ashish Chanchlani( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Ashish Chanchlani, who is one of India’s biggest YouTubers, recently shared his views on the war between long-format and short-format content.

He said that he too started off as a short-form creator and later diversified into long-format content.



Ashish Chanchlani, who is part of the streaming show ‘Playground’, told IANS: “First of all, there is no war between long-format creators and short-format creators. Having said that, I feel that the magic of long-format content is here to stay. I too started off as a short-format creator when the concept of reels didn’t even exist. Eventually, we explored and diversified into the zone of long-format content.”

Ashish Chanchlani does feel that the audience’s attention span has taken a hit, stating that they have their own ways and preferences to watch content.

Ashish Chanchlani said: “Yes, I agree that the attention span is decreasing, but then the audiences adjust themselves according to the content. They know that it’s a reel so they invest their attention span according to the length of the content, but when they go to watch a movie in a theatre, they go with the mindset of investing two hours of their lives to a particular film.”

‘Playground’ is available for streaming on Amazon miniTV.

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