Phoebe Buffay Played By Lisa Kudrow Is Underrated In FRIENDS
Lisa Kudrow Has Playef Phoebe Buffay In A Really Commendable Way

Character Name: Phoebe Buffay

Played By: Lisa Kudrow


Streaming On: Netflix & HBO Max

Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay is one of the most underrated and most beautiful characters of American TV history. While a lot of people have appreciated the rest of the characters, I am here to share why Phoebe is equally deserving if not more.


Phoebe Buffay has spent her whole childhood on the streets. She grew up without parents and wasn’t privileged enough to have a proper roof and food. Her childhood haunts her but it hasn’t been able to scar her. She has faced a lot but that hasn’t changed her as a human being. Phoebe hasn’t let love go out from her heart and sometimes surprises with it. She can do anything and can go to any length for her friends and loved ones.

Phoebe can’t say no to anyone no matter what it is. When her half brother asks her to carry a child for him and his middle-aged wife, she agrees and happily delivers triplets for them. She even agrees to pretend that she’s pregnant when Rachel (originally pregnant) is not ready for friends to find that out.

Phoebe has been mistreated by her twin Ursula but she still loves and cares for her. She loves to sing and write. Even though she’s not good at it, she loves to express herself with her music. If there is one person could’ve made a song like ‘Smelly cat’ iconic, it’s Phoebe. She is also very scared of being left out in the group of friends and that’s why she never misses a chance to mention it whenever she gets a chance.

Phoebe is goofy, innocent and highly entertaining. It’s weird yet intriguing part of her character when she lets people kiss her even when there’s no romantic emotion between them. A lot of times she is the one who creates awkwardly funny situations which lead to something funnier. Remember when she goes out for running with Rachel and when she describes her name to Ross? Or the incident when she seduces Chandler just to make him speak about his feelings for Monica? There are so many goofy incidents of her and it’s not possible to count them all here.

Phoebe also believes a lot in principles and law of karma. More than the material she values relationships. She is the one who brings some kind of sanity in the group when they need. Phoebe is a ‘Buffet’ of emotions and has a very complex and layered character. When you try to understand her, she surprises you with something new.

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