A Character Analysis Of Monica Geller From FRIENDS Played By Courteney Cox
Here’s Why Monica Geller From FRIENDS Played By Courteney Cox Is Truly A Sweetheart

Played By: Courteney Cox

Show: Friends


Streaming On: Netflix & HBO Max

Friends is one of the most loved American sitcoms of all time. The popularity of the (1994-2004) show is still increasing because of its ever refreshing humour and highly relatable characters. Monica Geller played by Courteney Cox is one character which I’ve always loved starting from the 1st season till the last.

Monica is all heart when it comes to her friends and loved ones. If you can believe that in this world there can be people who love to share love, it’s because of her. The very first characteristic of Monica that touches your heart is how she accepted Phoebe (a girl who lived on the streets) with all her heart and let her live at her apartment. If that wasn’t enough it was amazing to see how Monica and Phoebe turned best friends of each other with time.


Then comes Rachel. Although she was her best friend in school days she left her while chasing a ‘high society life’. When Rachel runs from her marriage and meets Monica accidentally at Central Perk she lets her live in her apartment as well.

Monica is obsessed with cleanliness. She’s crazy for that but it’s amazing how she hardly ever gets mad when her friends and brother (Ross) create chaos around her. Even when she gets mad, it’s more adorable than provoking. She’s totally a gem of a person and I haven’t even started.

Monica has spent all her childhood with emotionally unavailable parents. All of their affection was and has been for Ross. Despite getting hurt by this kind of behaviour she never cribs about it but continues to love and care about everyone wholeheartedly.

Monica is a great cook. When she faces some huge challenges at her workplace, she keeps her spirits high and always find a way out of the trouble. Mon is truly a sweetheart and immensely positive person and that’s why negativity can’t stay around her for a long time.

She is crazy about Richard Burke and dates him despite the huge age difference. However, when she finds out that he will have babies only for her sake, she moves on. Monica also shows her ‘strong girl’ side when she refused to accept a rich man like Pete Becker. She doesn’t like when he tries to impress her with money.

A girl always wants the boy to propose her. And hence Chandler has a perfect plan to surprise her. But when things go wrong, she surprises him by proposing him instead. If you think that’s it then you must keep on reading.

Mon was obese in childhood but she never gets upset because of it. Instead, she overcame her shortcomings like a pro and beat the obesity also. Like every girl, even she has the dream of a big wedding which she almost throws away because of Chandler’s plans. Just watch her when she goes to buy her wedding dress. Her spirit is on a different level altogether when she competes to grab the dress she wants. But the biggest surprise she throws is when she attempts to giveaway that dress for the sake of a band that Chandler wants to have on their wedding. She even supports Chandler when he loses his job and even when he goes out of city for job. Normally a girl won’t want her husband to share so much time with his best friend but she doesn’t have any problem with Joey after marriage. She and Chandler, in fact, create a special room for Joey at their new house.

Monica never throws her feelings on other people even when she deserves all the love. When she is not able to conceive baby, she doesn’t get depressed. Instead, she opts for other options and gets excited about the adoption.

All in all, Monica is a superhero. If you have a Monica at your house, you must worship her every day.

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