#istandwithpearl: Pearl V. Puri Gets Support Of TV Frat
:From Surbhi Jyoti To Arjun Bijlani, Nia Sharma & More, Pearl V. Puri Gets The Support Of TV Stars After Post Being Arrested (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Yesterday, woke to the news that actor Pearl V Puri was arrest over alleged r*pe charges. Since then, his colleagues and friends from the television industry took to social media to extend support for the actor.


Several actors cannot believe such an allegation being levelled against a person like Pearl.

Nikki Sharma, Pearl V Puri’s Brahmarakshas 2 co-star, wrote in an Instagram post, “Its absurd. absolutely absurd to see whats happening right now and the news thats doing the rounds. all I can say is @pearlvpuri is a good human, so humble and so kind to everyone thats around him. this is not him, its all lies. i hope the truth comes into light soon #istandwithpearl #justicewillbeserved.”



Roma Bali, who also shares screen space with Pearl V Puri on “Brahmarakshas 2”, posted: I can’t believe the news about @pearlvpuri …since I know pearl personally this is not possible ..all this news is to tarnish his image …pearl was my hero he will always be my hero …he is the perfect gentlemen I have ever met…my personal view is that all this is to spoil his reputation..just impossible.#istandwithpearl

Pearl’s “Naagin 3” co-star Surbhi Jyoti posted on Instagram, “Here’s to one of the sweetest person I know. Let’s wait for the truth to come out. #istandwithpearl I’m with you my friend. Stay strong.”

Another Naagin 3 co-star of Pearl V Puri, Nia Sharma, shared, “R*pe is not a joke, no excuse, no means to come at someone to satisfy a bruised ego. R*pe and molestation stories are terrifying and far beyond imagination in India. The real victims die, their stories go unheard, their families are waiting for justice all their lives. Do not belittle them. Do not make a mockery of it. R*pe allegations cannot fu**ing be used at will. It Cannot. It should not. @pearlvpuri sorry it happened to you.”

Actor Aamir Ali wrote, “I can’t believe.. I won’t believe.. n I want u all to let de truth come out before believing.. @pearlvpuri is innocent until proven guilty, n plz wait till the truth comes out..”

Actor and reality show host Arjun Bijlani expressed, “I stand with @pearlvpuri . I doubt he can do something like this ever … he is a soft spoken well behaved guy. The truth shall be out .. till then stay strong Pearl. #istandwithpearl.”

Actress Krystle Dsouza lent her support to Pearl V Puri and wrote, “I know @pearlvpuri and he is one of the nicest boys I’ve met in our tv industry. A thorough gentleman. Please don’t jump to conclusions on baseless allegations. Let’s wait for the truth to come out. #istandwithpearl #PearlVPuri.”

Actor Shalin Bhanot posted, “Hearing all sorts of crappie news about @pearlvpuri .. I know him very well.. we all know him, he is such a lovely boy. He cannot do wrong. I am so surprised how can a persons Achievements and stardom become his nightmare. Its So unfair. I am with Pearl . Pearl I love you bro. All will get fine. I have full faith in the law. #truthwillprevail

Actor Adhvik Mahajan posted in his Instagram story: “Gem of a person @pearlvpuri. You just CANNOT. #istandwithpearl.”

Actress Sheetal Dabholkar shared, “Pearl is such a pure soul. I know him since long. This cannot be true. All fake allegations. Truth will be out soon. Lot of strength and love. I stand by you @pearlvpuri.”

Earlier, actress Anita Hassanandani, her husband Rohit Reddy, actress Asmita Sood and producer Ekta Kapoor, also showed their support for Pearl V Puri.

For those who do not know, Pearl has been arrested by Palghar police in Maharashtra in connection with the alleged molestation and r*pe of a child. The 31-year-old actor has been booked by Mira-Bhayander Vasai-Virar police for the alleged r*pe of the minor girl.

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