Nia Sharma Has A Badass Way Of Dealing With The Sl*t Shaming Trolls
Nia Sharma Opens Up On How She Deals With Sl*t Shaming Comments On Social Media ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Nia Sharma is one of the most celebrated actors of the television industry with multiple hit serials and music videos. She has always been candid about her thoughts not just on social media but also in interviews and discussions. In a recent interaction, the actor opened up about the idea of censoring hate comments and why it would be difficult to implement.


For the unversed, Nia was previously in the news when she appeared in the peppy dance number Phoonk Le. The song stirred up a storm on social media not just for her stunning appearance in the video but also for the promotional stunts that were pulled off by the team. Her questionable diet to look a certain way for the role invited heavy backlash especially towards the glamour industry in general.


In a recent interaction with Bollywood Life, Nia Sharma opened up on how she deals with hate comments, judgements, and trolls on social media, especially the ones that pass nasty remarks on bodies and outfits. She was of the stance that since social media is an open platform, censoring these comments is not really possible.

“I don’t think it can be possible because we are talking about social media, the very fact we joined it because it is a public platform and you cannot filter the bad or good comments that is very like a loser thing! Censorship is not possible on social media and it shouldn’t be. The negative comments are equally welcome, but the shitty comments like they talk about your body or they sl*t shame you, that is a wrong thing.”, the actress said.

Speaking about dealing with these trolls Nia said that it is more about conscience and added, “if they don’t the best thing is to block them. Right? “

“I care a lot, it’s not about I don’t give a damn attitude. I know that I do such things that don’t go down well with people, sometimes it’s been blown out of proportion, but that’s not my agenda. I don’t do things to gain attention.”, Nia Sharma further added.

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