Top 30 contestants to light fire on new season of ‘MTV Roadies'
Top 30 contestants to light fire on new season of ‘MTV Roadies'(Photo Credit: Youtube)

The top 30 contestants are set to light up the stage with 10 in each gang as they embark on one of the most awaited Roadies journeys, with Gang leaders Prince Narula, Gautam Gulati, Rhea Chakraborty and Sonu Sood in ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’.

Coming from across the board in various fields, each contestant has faced multiple hardships in their life, and their appearance in Roadies is all set to bring a level of theatricality to the show.

The contestants include:

  1. Lekha Jambaulikar: A fitness enthusiast from Goa who bravely faced her abusive father and is a popular social media figure. She’s one of the contestants in ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’.
  2. Prakram Dandona: A professional Indian MMA Fighter, bodybuilder and entrepreneur, from New Delhi.
  3. Bhoomika Vasishth: A girl from Delhi with a fighting spirit. She first participated in ‘MTV Splitsvilla X3’ and has faced many hardships to make it to the show.
  4. Piyu Sharma: An amateur boxer, athlete, and fitness trainer from Delhi, has undergone a lot of emotional trauma and heartbreak, and has taken the courage to become a Roadie.
  5. Priyanka Gupta: A fitness enthusiast from New Delhi, she is an aggressive girl who doesn’t mess around.
  6. Siwet Tomar: A fitness freak, model and cryptocurrency enthusiast from Dehradun.
  7. Neerja Punia: Perhaps the most unique among all, Neeraj has broken all barriers by getting selected as the first-ever transgender contestant. She is also a dancer, LGBTQ+ representative, and social media influencer. She’s one of the contestants in ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’.
  8. Shayan Siddiqui: A multi-talented, military brat, with an impressive physique from Lucknow.
  9. Pery Sheetal: A talented dancer and choreographer in the industry, she has also been a part of the movie ‘Street Dancer 3D’. She is in fact a lookalike of Rihanna.
  10. Shubham Chaudhary: Shubham is the first-ever hearing-impaired and mute contestant.
  11. Joginder: Also known as ‘Thara Bhai Joginder’, an internet sensation from Gurgaon.
  12. Priyanka Choudhary: A digital creator and entrepreneur from Jaipur.
  13. Mallika Motiramani: A content creator from Delhi, she is known for her gaming content, humour and roast videos. She’s one of the contestants in ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’.
  14. Nejm: A model, and rapper from Chennai who advocates body positivity.
  15. Ashika Surve: A rope Mallakhamb artist, aerial gymnast and biker from Mumbai, Ashika has represented India at an international level and won gold medals nationally.
  16. Abhirup Kadam: A real-life ‘Mowgli’, Abhirup from Mumbai is an animal lover and rescuer.
  17. Vashu Jain: An athlete and content creator from Bilaspur, Vashu is a Calisthenics artiste and an expert with Nunchuks.
  18. Sachin Sharma: A dancer and choreographer from Faridabad.
  19. Prem Shilu: A comedian and a popular Gujarati content creator.
  20. Nayera Ahuja: An actor and model from Bhopal, he is the founder of ‘Nailmerakistudio’ in Pune. She suffered from haphephobia and now seeks financial independence.
  21. Tanu Rawat: A social media star, yogini and a Hippie and model from Rishikesh.
  22. Rajveer Dey: A model, martial artiste, fashionista and fitness content vlogger from Siliguri who also auditioned on ‘MTV Roadies Xtreme’.
  23. Hassan Siddiquee: From Nashik, he is an extremely flexible bone breaker.
  24. Pallavi Yadav: A beauty with brains, she is also a fitness influencer from Delhi. She’s one of the contestants in ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’.
  25. Rishabh Jaiswal: From Varanasi, he was also a part of ‘MTV Splitsvilla’.
  26. Manpreet Kaur: A Bhangra instructor from Punjab, she has been awarded for her bravery when she survived an almost-fatal serial killer attack.
  27. Digvijay Rathee: From Haryana, shares fitness content on social media.
  28. Himanshu Arora: A model, athlete, and event organiser from Chandigarh.
  29. Gary Lu: A YouTuber, fitness trainer, and sports nutritionist from Dehradun, Gary was a part of ‘MTV Splitsvilla X3’.
  30. Rupa Singh: An animal lover and wildlife rescuer from Madhya Pradesh. She’s one of the contestants in ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’.

The 19th season of the show will begin from Kurukshetra and go to Kaza, travelling across Patiala, Chail, Kullu and Sissu. ‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’,airs every Saturday and Sunday on MTV and Jio Cinema.

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