Maninder Buttar On Collab With Jasmin Bhasin For Pani Di Gal
Maninder Buttar On His Collab With Jasmin Bhasin For Pani Di Gal

Maninder Buttar has been making a lot of noise over his latest music video. The Punjabi singer collaborated with Bigg Boss 14 fame Jasmin Bhasin for a music video. The romantic track left many mesmerized with their blissful banter. We’ve now got some exclusive details on the same.

Koimoi recently got into a conversation with Maninder Buttar and spoke about Pani Da Gal. Read the excerpts of his collaboration with Jasmin Bhasin and more below:


What was the idea behind crooning Pani Di Gal?


Since I am from Punjab I have always been influenced by traditional music, and the inspiration to pen down Pani Di Gal was Tappe which is a popular traditional music form in Punjab and the hook line is inspired as a guest at my friend’s place where I asked for water and was offered coke with a line “Pani di ki gal hai, coke peo”.

How does it feel to release your first album?

The feeling can’t be expressed in words. An album is always special for an artist as it is a journey for an artist. My Jugni album was planned last year, but due to some unwanted circumstances and personal reasons, it was postponed. Now that it is live, the feeling is beautiful. Also, the album is dedicated to my dog, because she has always been a journey for me, so the name of the album is kept on her name – Jugni.

Tell us one funny incident while shooting with Jasmin Bhasin!

There is nothing funny, just a dialogue of hers ‘Tu inj kyu boleya’ from the video has a cute memory. Other than that, we sat during the shoot where she tried singing with me when we were making reels, and other than this we had a dhol wala on the set where we were tunning onto different songs.

What do you think makes Punjabi Industry different from Bollywood Industry?

We produce songs that the Bollywood industry wants in their movie. It has now become a trend to have a Punjabi number in the movie. The artist of Punjab are growing and the music is gaining popularity worldwide

Upcoming Projects?

In 2021, I have a 21 wishlist. One or two of them are that my next album will have 5 songs with amazing collaborations and I wish to enjoy real hard in my show where I remove my t-shirt and scream loud and show off my body.

Did you enjoy Pani Di Gal ft. Jasmin Bhasin & Maninder Buttar? Share with us in the comment section below.

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