Junooniyatt Written Update: Elahi’s Accidental Call Helps Jahaan Deliver The Performance Of His Life ( Photo Credit – Poster )

In tonight’s episode, Elahi is heartbroken upon seeing Jahaan and Pari together. Jahaan regains consciousness, feeling a bit disoriented. Pari informs him that she doesn’t know what happened, and Jahaan is unable to recall anything.

Devastated by the situation, Elahi decides to focus solely on The Great Indian Voice competition and vows not to cry anymore. Jordan meets Pari and nearly warns her that Jahaan may not be able to perform in the next round. Unbeknownst to them, Elahi and Husna overhear Pari shattering Jahaan’s confidence. Despite his struggles, Jahaan decides to try his best, but he breaks down on the stage when he’s unable to sing.

On the other hand, Elahi is torn between wanting to help Jahaan and her commitment to the competition. Later, on the day of the competition, Jordan tells Pari that Jahaan shouldn’t sing. However, Maheep overhears their conversation and discovers that Pari is Jahaan’s voice therapist.

As Jahaan prepares to go on stage, Elahi accidentally answers a call from Jahaan’s parents. His mother begs Elahi to help her son since she’s the only one who can. Jahaan is about to give up when he hears Elahi’s voice in his headphones, which inspires him to sing. Jahaan delivers an incredible performance that mesmerizes everyone.

Will Jahaan be able to give his best performance?

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