Jon Moxley AKA Dean Ambrose Slams WWE
Jon Moxley AKA Dean Ambrose On WWE

AEW superstar Jon Moxley had a splendid run in WWE as Dean Ambrose, but unfortunately, the backstage scene wasn’t very pleasing for him. The differences between him and the company surfaced from time to time and eventually, the lunatic fringe decided to leave.


Cut to AEW, Dean has revamped his glory as Jon Moxley and his loyal fan base has stayed by his side. On several occasions, he has expressed his gratefulness to the new brand for giving him the freedom to experiment with his gimmick. On the other side, he hasn’t shied away from hitting out at WWE for stale storytelling and lack of experimentation.


Once again Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose is back at taking a dig on WWE during an interview with Sporting News. He addressed the outlier in the pro-wrestling industry. He said, “It makes me think of WWE. It makes me think of standard: Guy comes out on the ramp to start the show, cuts a promo, another guy comes out on the ramp, his music hits, he cuts another promo, then the authority figure’s music hits, then they come out, they make the main event for tonight, and the standard guys standing in a ring, talking on mics, having run-in finishes. It brings to mind just the standard, same-old formula of TV wrestling. But it can also be, sports entertainment could be like MJF and Jericho singing a song and dance, that’s entertainment.”

“I think the aberration now when you look at all of the world of pro wrestling as a whole, the one who’s different and the outlier, and does everything differently in its own way and treats the fans in its own way and has their own buzzwords — they’re not the “fans,” they’re the “universe.” It’s not a “belt,” it’s a “championship.” It’s not a “shot,” it’s an “opportunity.” They kind of live in their own little world,” Jon Moxley continued hitting out at WWE.

Meanwhile, a months ago, while talking to Wrestling Observer, Dean said, “I would rather work in McDonald’s than be a producer in WWE. You talk about a thankless job…Or be on the creative team at WWE, I would rather like, tar driveways in the summer heat than be a creative member of the creative team in WWE.”

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