Industry Review OUT! Walking A Similar Path To Suits & Mad Men But...
Industry Review: Exploring A Different Zone Between Suits & Mad Men

Industry Review:

Name & few glimpses of the show is clear enough to understand what you’re getting into. I mean, have you ever heard a tear-jerker, rom-com heavy on drama named as Industry? No! This Disney+ Hotstar’s show follows the industry of investment banking and the lives of people in it.

Cast: Myha’la Herrold, Marisa Abela, Harry Lawtey, David Jonsson, Nabhaan Rizwan, Freya Mavor, Ken Leung

Creator/s: Mickey Down, Konrad Kay

Star Rating: 3/5 stars

Industry Web Review
Industry Web Review

Industry Review: What Is It About?

The curtain is raised with the interview process of London’s well-established investment bank Pierpoint & Co. After evaluation of some smart, some street-smart bunch of people, the pilot episode does what it should do – introduce the characters. First and foremost, we’ve ‘Mike Ross’ of the Industry in Myha’la Herrold’s Harper Stern. She’s not your college topper, but she can beat a few of them if push comes to shove.

Accompanying her, are other freshers in Yasmin (Marisa Abela), Hari (Nabhaan Rizwan) and the seniors of various departments in Eric (Ken Leung), Kenny (Conor MacNeill) & Daria (Freya Mavor). Out of what I assume, eight episodes, the media was allotted four episodes to review and all four of them explore various intimate details of Pierpoint employees. It’s not just what they do at the office, a massive chunk of the show also consists of what they actually do out of the office (hint: drugs & a lot of s*x).

Industry Review: What’s Good & Bad?

Right off the bat, this is one of those shows which take a couple of seasons to establish what the writers really wanted to at the first place. With the end of inaugural episode, you’ll plainly know neither this is in the ‘Suits’ zone nor the ‘Mad Men’ zone. In an elegant manner, this show snuggles to finds a place between the two. Girls fame Lena Dunham directs the first episode, and it’s nothing crazy-town because it didn’t have to. The pilot does its job of taking off the script smoothly, and that’s enough.

Apart from the third episode (written by Sam H. Freeman), rest three episodes are penned by creators of the show Mickey Down & Konrad Kay. Writing is both a devil and an angel to the show. It’s the balanced approach at times which ensures a sail smooth, but only to hit the turbulence with its monotonous narrative. More than halfway in the show, I’m already worried about how they’ll find a high point to end? If they don’t, it’ll be a shame to sit throughout for the end they don’t deserve.

Apart from being the midpoint of the show, there’s a strong reason why we’re allotted four episodes of the show. Because the fourth episode remains the best of the lot, I’ve seen. Amalgamating the tensions of the field with personal distress, it ends on a remarkable note.

Mickey and Konrad make sure to keep changing the way you see the show. They first start it by putting you in the freshers’ shoes to settle you down in this new company. Slowly and gradually, you begin watching the show from the eyes of the employees who have been in Pierpoint for years. This transition is smooth dramatically changing the mood of the show. Expected a more mature background score, Nathan Micay was just not the right choice as the composer. The songs included help the storytelling, it’s the background that’s over-compensated at times.

Industry Review: Star Performances:

Keeping Myha’la Herrold’s Harper Stern as the face of your show was a decision enough to hold my attention. Myha’la gets enough scope just to explode & explore fullest to her capabilities. Marisa Abela as Yasmin is a beautiful escape when the show starts to get routine. Hers would be one of the most relatable characters to many of you. Nabhaan Rizwan as Hari’s character goes under the scanner of mediocre writing. Despite an impactful sketch, his character is shattered down to ruins to make a point.

Ken Leung as Eric is Harvey Spectre to Myha’la’s Mike and is reasonable. According to the base set, Eric’s character could see a massive turnover. From the rest of the seniors, Conor MacNeill’s Kenny and Freya Mavor’s Darie are noteworthy.

Industry Review: Last Words:

All said and done, this is a slow-burner and won’t get hyped or go viral among the fans. A few of you will watch this, and word of mouth will carry it forward. Along with entertaining, it pushes you in the shoes of various employees, so you decide with whom you can relate the most.

Three Stars!

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