Kaali Khuhi Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and a half stars)

Star Cast: Riva Arora, Shabana Azmi, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Satyadeep Misra

Director: Terrie Samundra

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review
Kaali Khuhi Movie Review: An Ambitious Approach To A Ho-Hum Story Ft. Shabana Azmi!

What’s Good: It looks like a good horror film but never feels like one!

What’s Bad: I just wish this should’ve come with a good story!

Loo Break: Forcefully take some!

Watch or Not?: It’s a brave but failed attempt at creating something unique, skip it!

User Rating:

Exploring the title, the film’s story revolves around a ‘kaali khuhi’ (Black Well) located in the farm of a 10-year old Shivangi’s (Riva Arora) father’s ancestral village. Darshan (Satyadeep Misra) along with his wife Priya (Sanjeeda Sheikh) and Shivangi moves to the village for taking care of his unwell mom.

On reaching there, they learn about an age-old curse the village is suffering from. Following the morose tradition of female infanticide, the village needs someone with a contemporary mindset like Shivangi to bring a change. How does she do that? Well, I’d suggest you don’t try to find it because it’s not worth it.

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review
Kaali Khuhi Movie Review: An Ambitious Approach To A Ho-Hum Story Ft. Shabana Azmi!

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review: Script Analysis

Terrie along with David Walter Lech has penned the story, and it’s an addition to the list of ‘how well this could’ve been’ scripts. It had almost every ingredient at its place, barring an exciting script. Because of the tedious writing, it results in not an easy watch. It raises too many questions and takes a long time to answer them.

It takes the abstract route to showcase its message leaving a minimal scope of intrigue. Sanjeeda Sheikh has a dialogue by the end, “we are all going to die” replicating my exact feelings while suffering this film. Sejal Shah’s camera angles are state of the art. She treats every frame like a painting which goes well with the mood of the film.

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review: Star Performance

Despite the grandiose prowess of Shabana Azmi, the biggest takeaway for me will be Riva Arora. From Uri’s heart-wrenching scene to sweet cameos in Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota and Gunjan Saxena, she’s the child artist to look out for. Kaali Khuhi is the perfect addition to her filmography as she explores various moods of acting, nailing almost all of them.

You know when you’ve Shabana Azmi by your side, you can throw anything at her expecting she’ll turn that into something extremely watchable. Despite the haywire narration, she manages to hold her stand. Sanjeeda Sheikh completes the brilliant-trio of leading ladies of the film. This also is her second good performances in a single week after Bejoy Nambiar’s Taish. Satyadeep Misra is just about okay, also because of his impoverished character sketch.

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review
Kaali Khuhi Movie Review: An Ambitious Approach To A Ho-Hum Story Ft. Shabana Azmi!

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review: Direction, Music

Terrie Samundra makes her debut with this film, and it’s clear what she wanted the final product to look like. Despite the clarity, it’s the story which keeps spiralling to a point forcing the viewers just to hit that stop button. Her approach to the tale ambitious, but unfortunately, it never leads to a high point.

Daniel B. George’s background score contains more chilling elements than the story. Used smartly, the score leaves the silent gaps wherever required filling in daunting effects in the rest.

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, it never evokes the feelings the story demands and instead will leave you with a half-baked perception about it. This could’ve been much better than it’s now. Skip it!

One and a half stars!

Kaali Khuhi Trailer

Kaali Khuhi releases on 30th October, 2020.

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