Taish Movie Review
Taish Review (Zee5): Bejoy Nambiar Takes You To An Absorbing Trip Of Rage, Anger & Indignation!

Taish Review (Zee5): After making his way into Bollywood with a way-ahead-of-its-time Shaitan, hopes were sky-high with Bejoy Nambiar. Despite a mixed response, David & Wazir still impressed me for its exquisite and sublime writing. What does Nambiar have in store for us with Taish? Let’s find out! It’s coming out in both the formats (web series – including six episodes approx 30 minutes/episode & film) & I’d suggest to go with the web-series because it’s more detailed and explore things organically.

Cast: Harshvardhan Rane, Pulkit Samrat, Jim Sarbh, Kriti Kharbanda, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Ankur Rathee, Saurabh Sachdeva

Creator: Bejoy Nambiar

Star Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Taish Review (Zee5): What Is It About?

The story isn’t a straight forward one and follows a non-linear route. It starts by showing how our leads are struggling with their personal turmoils, and the flashback explores what led them to reach a certain point of self-destruction. We’ve Pali (Harshvardhan Rane) who is finding hard to see the love of his life Jahaan (Sanjeeda Sheikh) marrying someone else.

We’ve Rohan Kalra (Jim Sarbh) who is attending his brother’s marriage, opening up to the ghosts of his past. No both of these weddings aren’t connected. What connects them is Sunny Lalwani (Pulkit Samrat) inviting a whole lot of unwanted chaos to both the families. Sunny is the brother Rohan wishes he could’ve had, but Aarfa (Kriti Kharbanda) is the partner he has and has always wanted to have. It’s the vice of revenge that brings everyone together, how many of them get out alive? That’s Taish for you!

Taish Movie Review
Taish Movie Review

Taish Review (Zee5): What’s Good & Bad?

Divided basically into two parts, the first half of the story follows a very routine ‘gore at the wedding’ template. But, it’s the second half which really matters consisting the meaty portions. The ‘Taish’ of Taish lies in the latter half of the story, making it way different than the expectations it lay down in the first half. Bejoy Nambiar’s story-telling (also written by Kartik R. Iyer, Anjali Nair and Gunjit Chopra) triumphs even the good performances by the show’s leading cast. This is Nambiar’s attempt at putting things, those have worked for him in the past, together in a single show/film.

Just when I started thinking that the show is getting in a similar zone as Siddharth Sengupta’s Undekhi, Nambiar not only proves me wrong but also brings out the best of his world. Nambiar gets into the head of Harashvir Oberoi (cinematographer) taking some very bold decisions regarding colouring the film. Impeccable usage of lights, sharp camera angles results in a much more superior product.

Ten minutes into the show and I get the song Jaago, fulfilling my life-long wish of listening to a Lifafa track in anything created by Bollywood. The final episode also has Lifafa’s ‘Main Jee Raha Hoon’, and I didn’t ask for more. A couple of other songs click as well and are all situational. Gaurav Godkhindi and Govind Vasantha’s background score scores well in the overall scheme of things. Priyank Prem Kumar’s editing might test the patience of some of you out there, but it’s satisfying by the end of the show. Set in London’s Southall, full marks to the actors for getting as close to English accent as we can.

Taish Movie Review
Taish Movie Review

Taish Review (Zee5): Star Performances:

I don’t know whether it was poor sound dubbing or Harshvardhan Rane’s dialect, but initially, it gets tough to understand his Punjabi dialogues. But, once you’re into the show, it gets much better and more comfortable. Easily the best performance out of all; it’s also because of the emotional depth his character gets as compared to the rest. Pulkit Samrat gets out of his comfort zone, and the results are excellent. This is something he has never tried before, and he maintains the charm even with all the rage in him.

Just like the story, I made yet another mistake of thinking Jim Sarbh will be doing his usual “oh! yes, I’m abstract” stuff, but no, his character explores a whole lot of scope ahead in the story. Saurabh Sachdeva plays the perfect sidekick to Harshvardhan, nailing the peculiar, eccentric traits of his character.

Delivering radiant performances, characters of Kriti Kharbanda and Sanjeeda Sheikh holds significantly less important to the plot. They’re dependent way too much on their male counterparts for bringing a change to the story. Wished a better treatment for the talent they possess and even display even with the limited scope.
If he doesn’t do anything soon, Ankur Rathee would be stereotyped as an ‘ambassador of failed relationships’. From Undekhi to this, my family astrologer would’ve declared ‘Rahu’ in his Kundali.

Taish Movie Review
Taish Movie Review

Taish Review (Zee5): Last Words:

All said and done, Taish is an absorbing trip of its defining emotions such as anger, rage, indignation. Backed by an unequalled story-telling by Bejoy Nambiar, this show/film packs a riveting punch.

Three and a half Stars!

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