Indian Matchmaking Fame Pradhyuman Maloo Accused Of Domestic Violence By Wife Ashima Chauhaan, Netizens Slam Sima Aunty's Reality Show
Indian Matchmaking Fame Pradhyuman Maloo Accused Of Domestic Violence By Wife Ashima Chauhaan ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Netflix reality show Indian Matchmaking was much hyped and had to deal with mixed reactions. While some objected to the format of the show, where a woman called Sima Taparia turned matchmaker for the elite club of the society. Others welcomed the idea in an age where young men and women feel lost about marriages and meeting new prospects.

Taparia’s show was slammed for being s*xist and elitist, and many things wrong at the same time. However, it was a trending reality show on Netflix, proving that people liked watching it no matter what.

In the latest update, a boy from the show Pradhyuman Maloo who married Ashima Chauhaan, whom he found out of the show, has been living separately for few months. In fact, Ashima has slapped Pradhyuman with domestic violence charges. An exclusive report by HT quotes Ashima’s lawyer, “The allegations with FIR lodged are grave and concerning with domestic violence and constant mental, physical abuse at its core. The matter is in the investigative stage and should be carried in full swing. Ashima is in the process of taking appropriate legal proceedings against the accused in accordance with law.”

Ashima and Pradhyuman have been living separately since September and were trying to settle their matter amicably, out of court, according to Pradhyuman’s side. Netizens, who watched the show with utmost curiosity have now reacted to the news calling the show problematic from the start.

A Redditor wrote, “We never know what goes on behind closed doors.” Another comment read, “That is intense. I’m glad she got out of the relationship. I mean, the relationship was so doomed from the start. He just seemed so interested to let anyone in. I can’t imagine how he even managed to get someone to marry him.” A third comment read, “He gave me such queasy vibes.”

Another user pointed out, “At this point I feel show is cursed. Nadia is still single. Sheetal and Dr Raj split. viral and Asshay were weird and probably together just for the show.” One more comment read, “I also don’t think they got married for real – I think it was a publicity stunt, Aashima has been on reality shows like Love school & Ace of Space before coming on Indian Matchmaking.” Another Redditor echoed the same thought, “I’ve always felt icky about it, but this news knocks it out of the park. What an AH he is.”

People were brutal to judge the man and reacted, “The guy has red flag written all over him.” Another comment read, “The guy is krin-gee at best. Need some fox nuts.” A third comment read, “He was a walking red flag.” A Redditor was concerned for Ashima and wrote, “Oh my gosh, I hope she is okay. He definitely gave me weird vibes whenever I saw him on screen. Like he wasn’t looking for a partner but an accessory.”

For the unversed, Pradhyuman Maloo was a part of Indian Matchmaking, a Netflix Reality show hosted by SIma Taparia, where she made young boys and girls meet for the prospect of a marriage. Pradhyuman boasted of rejecting 150 girls, and he did not find a prospect on the show as well. He later found Ashima Chauhaan and hit it off. He was also a part of season 2 of the show where he announced his marriage with Ashima. Pradhyuman was set with a model Rushali Rai in the show by Sima Taparia but they could not connect well.

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