Pawandeep Rajan Fans Are Angry At Anu Malik & Indian Idol 12 Makers
Indian Idol 12: Pawandeep Rajan Fans Slam Anu Malik(Image Credit: Instagram/arunitaxfangirl, Wikipedia)

It seems Indian Idol 12 will get over with backlash as well. It’s been a while since the show has been garnering negative light. The impact has been extended towards the judges as well as the contestants too. This time, Pawandeep Rajan fans are angry at the judges over being biased towards Arunita Kanjilal. Read on for details!


Recently, host Aditya Narayan broke his silence and expressed his wish for a female singer to grab the winner title. Many have been assuming ever since if that was a hint from his end. During the last episode, we saw Pawandeep give a spectacular performance but miss out on the ‘Musam Badal Diya’ tag irrespective.


Fans are blaming Anu Malik over this entire incident. They claim that it is him who’s trying to pull Pawandeep Rajan down because he wants any of the girl contestants to win Indian Idol 12. Fans are furious and Twitter is filled with disappointment as fans claim that the judges are biased towards Arunita Kanjilal.

An Indian Idol 12 viewer tweeted, “#IdolPawandeep #IndianIdol2020 #AdityaNarayan #HimeshReshammiya @fremantle_india @The_AnuMalik @SonuKakkar Absolutely gutted by the makers and judges.😡 @RajanPawandeep performed out of his skin, was the star of the evening, yet he received such muted response? What’s wrong?”

Another commented, “Its biased show, need to boycott in next season. No respect for real talent just humiliation. This show is giving very bad example for future singers n musicians.”

A Pawandeep Rajan fan tweeted, “This is open discrimination @SonyTV @fremantle_india #PawandeepRajan @RajanPawandeep @The_AnuMalik @SonuKakkar @HimeshOnline #IndianIdol2020 #IndianIdol12 why this farce of finale 12 hr event then? Why fool the audience?”

“Anu Malik is back on his malicious ways. Saw his reactions in the last 2 episodes after the performances of Pawandeep Rajan. Hard time to get up and applaud when the other 2 judges did it! ‘Shouters’ are always on the top of his mind, seems! #sonytv #IndianIdol #PawandeepRajan,” tweeted another.

A user wrote, “Don’t force #Pawandeep for such craps, why is he made to act as per scripts in every episode? Him and Arunita are perfect singing jodi, don’t push them to be a romantic jodi, their talent is enough to fetch TRP.”

Do you think it is justified for Pawandeep Rajan fans to be angry? Share your views on the latest Indian Idol 12 episode in the comments section below.

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  1. Absolutely disgusted with the judges and guest judges. Totally scripted, as Kavita ji pointed out she wanted to give Pavan a standing ovation, but didn’t.. What stopped you. And the creep Anu never praise nor standing ovation, especially when Pavan rended a most heartfelt and soulful performance with his song. They then focus on friendship day and bring out arunitha so the focus shifts from Pavan to arunitha. Not fair. After the finale will never watch Indian idol again.

  2. I love Pawandeep proformance,everyone of them, I noticed that Anu Malik does not like him and pushes him to pick a special friend, when he says that all of them are is friends

  3. Agreed to injustice to Pawandeep on his performance on 01-Aug-2021, by Guest, judges and show-makers and even the joker Aditya Narayan is always stigmatizing him for no reason!

    Pawandeep is far more ahead in music than Arunita and as a matter of fact all of them put to gather…(i.e. Judges+Joker+ fellow Participants). We expect Justice for Pawandeep’s musicality in the Finale, for many of us to continue giving our precious time to view Indian Idol show in future.

    Let the most meritorious win…. and not the less meritorious win by bias and then claim of being of highest merits!!
    Placing less-meritorious ahead of more-meritorious will be unfair and will not work for the image of the show and all the popularity it has gained. SONY TV & Indian Idol remember, “With great power & popularity comes great responsibility!”

    All the best to Pawandeep Rajan. My best wishes & prayers are with him to win the show as he deserves the Indian Idol – 12 trophy the most!


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