All you need to know about Hit Monkey season 2
All you need to know about Hit Monkey season 2(Photo Credit –YouTube)

When Hit-Monkey premiered on Hulu in 2021, it received rave reviews for its fascinating plot, stellar voice acting, and amazing action sequences. Now, after a long wait of almost three years, and a change of animation studio, the superhero series is coming back with its second season.

In the upcoming installment, the Monkey is headed to New York for a new mission after finishing his revenge campaign in Tokyo. Here is all you need to know about Hit-Monkey Season 2, including its release date, storyline, and voice cast.

When will Hit-Monkey Season 2 Premiere?

Hit-Monkey Season 2 is going to premiere on Hulu on Monday, July 15th, 2024. Just like the previous installment, the new season will also feature 10 episodes that will be released together. Hulu unveiled the release date with an official trailer for the season, which shows Hit-Monkey going on a rampage in New York City. Watch it below:

What will Happen in Hit-Monkey Season 2?

The show follows a wronged Japanese snow monkey who goes on a revenge spree in the Tokyo underworld with the help of the ghost of an American assassin named Bryce Fowler. In the second season, the macaque relocates to NYC along with Bryce. Monkey is now learning to live with his new status as ‘killer of killers,’ while Bryce tries to “repair the damage he incurred during life.”

While the first season of the show was produced by Marvel Television, the sequel is produced by 20th Television Animation as the former company ceased operations and became a part of the larger Marvel Studios. Will Speck and Josh Gordon, who created the series, continue to serve as the showrunners in the new season.

Who Stars in Hit-Monkey Season 2?

The cast members reprising their roles in the new season include Fred Tatasciore as Hit-Monkey, Jason Sudeikis as Bryce, Ally Maki as Haruka, and Olivia Munn as Akiko Yokohama. Additionally, Leslie Jones has joined the cast as Bryce’s former agent, Eunice; and Cristin Milioti will voice Bryce’s abandoned daughter, Iris. The rest of the cast includes Rob Corddry as Buddy, Keith David as the Devil, and Jim Gaffigan as a time-bending hustler.

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