Shweta Tripathi looks back at 'Gone Kesh' on third anniversary
Shweta Tripathi looks back at ‘Gone Kesh’ on third anniversary ( Photo Credit – Shweta Tripathi / Instagram )

‘Gone Kesh’, which starred Shweta Tripathi in lead role, recently clocked three years of its release.

On the occasion, the actress reminisced about working in the film, she shared that the film served as a reminder for her how people often take things in their life for granted and that every person should accept themselves as who they are.

Shweta, who played Enakshi Dasgupta in the film, said, “I wanted the audience to experience Enakshi Dasgupta’s journey with me. Her journey of loss, fear, and acceptance! The film made me realise that we take many things in life for granted. Sadly, I had no idea about alopecia myself. So, such a film allows you to understand and sympathise with others even more.”

Shweta Tripathi added that the film served an important message of being comfortable in one’s own skin and being proud about themselves, “It also reinstated my faith in accepting ourselves above and beyond beauty standards. Because if you do that, you have already won the game! It is a powerful message to take home. Though, I understand it is easier said than done.”

Talking about the compliments that came her way, Shweta said, “After ‘Gone Kesh’s’ release, many girls and boys reached out to me. It was the most satisfying feeling as an actor because they could relate to me. For me, it is the biggest award to have fans resonate with my character.”

Meanwhile, Shweta Tripathi is filming ‘Saaf’, an adaptation of ‘The Cleaning Day’, in Kashmir. She also has ‘Mirzapur 3’, ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein 2’, ‘Gone Game 2’, ‘Escaype Live’, ‘Makkhichoose’, and ‘M for Mafia’ in the pipeline.

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