Jennifer Aniston Reveals Stealing Monica’s Dress From Friends Sets
Friends Stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow & Courteney Cox Reveals What They Stole From The Sets (Photo Credit: Instagram)

There cannot be a bigger event than the one that is fast approaching us on May 27. It is the day we meet or ‘Friends’ after decades and there can’t be any other thing that has made us shed that happy tear recently. Now, as we begin the countdown for the reunion, the cast is making it difficult by dropping what all is packed in that giant surprise. The trio Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow all spilt some hilarious beans.

If you have been living on an over isolated island, (the chance of this news not reaching even there is the bare minimum) a Friends Reunion that had been due for years now is finally hitting the shores in less than a week, and it is no less than a dream right now. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Jennifer has revealed that she stole a dress from the sets of the cult sitcom and if it is shocking, the other two girls also have some secrets to share. Read on to know everything you should.



In a chat with People, the three, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox were asked if they ever stole something from the sets of friends. And shockingly Jennifer was quick to plead guilty and said she stole a dress that Cox’s Monica wore on the show. Aniston said, “A dress that Monica wore. I went into her line of clothes and pulled it out and I still have it and wear it to this day.”

She went on to describe the dress, worn by Courteney Cox aka Monica in Friends. She said it was black with a floral pattern, a lace V-neck, and cap sleeves. Reacting to this, Courteney Cox was quick to say “It’s probably gone in and out of style four times”. To which Aniston added, “And it will always be in style.”

Courteney on the other hand said she didn’t keep anything from the Friends set. But not Lisa Kudrow. She was also guilty of the crime and said she still has “all her Phoebe rings”. A die heart fan has to know Phoebe and her obsession with the rings she wore throughout the 10 seasons. Lisa also said she still has some of the security badges that gave her access to the sets when the show was filmed.

To this revelation by Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston went like, “Wait, did we have security badges?” Aniston wondered out loud. “How did they let me on? I don’t think I ever had one.” Isn’t that hilarious? Well, there plenty of this waiting on May 27 in the Friends Reunion. Mark your calendars.

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