FRIENDS: David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller Has A Funny Bone – One That He Never Ever Found In His Paleontology Studies
He Isn’t Just The Smartest, David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller Is Also One Of The Funniest On FRIENDS(Photo Credit – A Still From FRIENDS )

David Schwimmer aced the role of Ross Geller, a Paleontologist and college professor in FRIENDS like a pro. While he is one of the smartest in the group – he holds a doctorate, logical and rational of the sextet, he too has had dozens upon dozens of funny moments.


Throughout the ten seasons of the much-loved show, David’ Ross has made us laugh because of his love life, his clothes and even his behaviour at times. His interactions with Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Pheobe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) has had us holding our side more times than we remember.


So today, sit back and get ready to go on a laughter riot with David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller. Let us know below if we mentioned your favourite, funny Ross moment.

When He Gets An Extreme Tan

After seeing Monica sporting a tan, David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller decides to get one for himself. How difficult can it be to get the spray tan, especially by someone so as smart as him? Well, it goes totally against what he hoped, and he turns out to way too many shades darker than he wished, and that too only on one said.

Ross, being Ross counts 5 between turning to get even sprays with ‘Mississippis’ and lands up with a 2×2 tan. While he goes to even it out, he ends up with 4×2 tan sprays on his front and zero on his back. Not happy with this tanning service, this FRIENDS’ character heads to another saloon to even it out. But unfortunately, he ends up with two more sprays making us roll on the floor with laughter.

When He Dressed Up As The Holiday Armadillo To Teach Ben About Hannukah

David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller is Jewish and hence wants his son, Ben Geller Willick Bunch, to know a little about his religion too. While Ben is in the mood to celebrate Christmas, Ross heads down to the costumes store to get a Santa Claus ensemble for all being rented out already.

With no choice left, he picks the Armadillo ensemble and introduces himself as Santa’s friends for those in the South and Mexico. Every friends’ reaction to his costume is worth a laugh, and we just love it. Ross, being Ross, is always sure to have you ROFLing.

When He Whitened His Teeth To Impress His Date

Ross will do anything for love, which is more than evident when he heads out a date set up by Monica. In a bid to impress her, he whitens his teeth. Going the extra mile, David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller leaves the gel on a little longer than instructed, aka 24 hours.

When he realizes it to bright to see without glares on, he tries to conceal his florescent pearls the best he can. From covering them with a piece of bread to avoiding opening his mouth too, he did it out. When his date suggests they get comfortable and turn the lights off, Ross’ teeth glow like luminous in the dark, giving her a start that she will never forget. How much did you laugh seeing the FRIENDS’ character’s teeth?

When His Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Was Stolen

Ross gets easily sad and depressed – as known from the very first words, he said in the pilot episode. So when someone at work eats his special Thanksgiving leftover sandwich while he is going through a divorce with Emily, we see Ross loos his cool.

While this FRIENDS’ character initially is totally depressed, as the only thing that was going right in his life was stolen, he becomes a nightmare to his colleagues following a note Pheobe wrote for him. While colleagues dubbed him Mental Geller, he blasts on his boss when he gets to know he was the one who ate it. Not only that, Ross get angrier when he learns that a part of it is still in the bin. While Ross was forced to take a sabbatical, we were laughing as loud as he was shouting.

When He Wore Leather Pants

We all make New Year resolutions, but hardly any of us stick to it. Well, David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller tried his best to do one new thing every day in the year, and the first couple of days only make us laugh while holding our sides. While waiting for his divorce from Emily to be finalized and break from work following his sandwich meltdown, we see Ross pics up a pair of leather pants for his date with a woman named Elizabeth Hornswoggle.

While the date seems to be going fine, his new wardrobe choice plays spoilsport. While snuggling on her couch watching a movie, this FRIENDS character gets sweaty, leading to hilarious noises coming from any movement he makes waist-down. After pulling his pant down – in the bathroom – he realizes that they aren’t going back up and calls Joey for advice. With advice to add powder and vaseline to aid in his tries, we finally see a pantless Ross head to Monica’s apartment. But we had a hearty laugh.


Who can ever forget this episode and David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller screaming “pivot” to Rachel and Chandler? We can’t! After just getting a divorce for the third time, Ross and Rachel head to the furniture store to pick the professor a new couch for his apartment.

What can go wrong with it?

Well, with this FRIENDS’ character, there is a ton that can. When he refuses to pay an overpriced delivery fee, he and Rachel carry the sofa to the building where the na*ed man stayed. While there, they enlist Chandler’s help to take it up to the room – only for the stairs to be smaller than the furniture. While struggling to take the sofa, Ross keeps screaming “Pivot!” repeatedly. After cutting it into two, he exchanges it for store credit – $4.

Lectures In A Questionable British Accent

David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller isn’t very high on the list when it comes to self-confidence. And this is clearly visible when Ross is invited as a guest lecturer at NYU. When seeing his ice breaker attempts not being up to the mark – thanks to his friends – he adopts a fake British accent while talking to the class.

When Monica and Rachel caught doing so, he takes his little sis’ advice and tries phasing out of it like a pro – read the sarcasm. When caught by the class for his screw-up, Rachel makes an entry declaring that they are still married, leading to us falling on the floor with laughter. We did know what was funnier; Ross’ expression or him lapsing back into his fake British accent!

And Finally, When He Reminded Us He Was On A BREAK

“We were on a break” – this phrase has become synonym with the show and everyone – even those few who haven’t watched it – know all about it.

An honourable mention – When He Took Rachel’s Name At His Wedding To Emily

Do we need to say anything about this? I guess not (hehe)

Which is the funniest Ross Geller by David Schwimmer in FRIENDS? Let us know in the comments.

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