Bigg Boss OTT: Millind Gaba Comments On Akshara Singh’s Recent Accusations; Singer Talks About The Changing Dynamics In The House [Exclsuive]
Read On To Know What Millind Gaba Has To Say About Akshara Singh’s Recent Accusations, The Changing Dynamics & More (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Even as the Karan Johar-hosted Bigg Boss OTT is nearing its end, the controversial reality show airing on Voot is still a prominent part of our headlines. While there was no elimination in week 3, following Zeeshan Khan’s mid-week ejection, last Sunday saw connection Millind Gaba and Akshara Singh been shown the door. Now the singer has opened up about certain things related to his stay, game and partner.

During an exclusive conversation with Koimoi, Millind spoke at length about his elimination and it being his fans love, Akshara’s statement accusing the makers of the show, no connections in the house and more. Scroll down to read what he said.



Talking about his Bigg Boss OTT journey ending and whether his connection with Akshara Singh is to be blamed for the same, Millind Gaba said, “If this is voting, I wouldn’t blame anyone. I wouldn’t blame Akshara or anybody ki unke wajeh se low connection hua aur low votes aaye and this and that, drawback hai.” Talking further about their elimination, the now-evicted contestant said, “Mai aise nahi sochta. Mai sochta ki Akshara aur muje, on the other hand, public ne itna pyaar diya, itna support kiya, ki they wanted us to be out from all this negativity. I take that in that way. Muje lagta hai ki public, people were looking after us, people were feeling our emotions that how betrayed we were feeling, and how miserable – worst conditions we were in. So they helped us yaha se move karne ke liye.”

Shedding light on whether things in the Bigg Boss OTT house would have been different has it been an individual game and not one about connections, Millind Gaba said, “Of course, Muje lagta hai ki agar yeh individual game hota toh bahur kuch change hota. Connections mai yeh tha ki kahi na kahi disagreement thi, kahi na kahi agreements tha aur ek dusre ko persuade karna padta, convince karna padta ki I’m taking this step, I’m thinking of this. You know you shared your strategy, you charged your game plan with your partner, with your connection.”

When asked about the changing scenarios in the BB OTT house – now that connections are no longer a thing, Millind said, “Ab individual ho bhi gaya finally, toh muje laga hai ki it will change the whole scenario of the house. I think individual strong players like Divya woh nikhar ke jyenge aur abhot aacha khelenge”

Millind Gaba also spoke about Akshara Singh’s comment accusing Bigg Boss OTT makers of using their team members as fans asking them questions. The singer said, “Muje pata chala joh Akshara ne kaha ki joh log unse questions puch rahe the who unke team ke hi the and she shared some screen shots. If it is (the screenshots) taken as evidence to waha se yehi pata chalta hai ki the people were from the team and waha pe saf saf mentioned hai ki they were from the company.”

Millind Gaba, while adding that he supports Akshara Singh’s accusations, said, “I think Akshara is the most sensible girl I know. Toh woh joh bhi accusations bhi lagaegi, ya bolegi bhi woh aage aake toh woh soch samajke bolegi. Toh I support her in this.”

What are your thoughts on Akshara’s recent accusation?

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