Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Rohit Verma Reveals Being R*ped By Uncle At The Age Of 8 & Working As A Pro*titute
Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Rohit Verma Reveals Being R*ped By Uncle At The Age Of 8 ( Photo Credit – Still from Siddharth Kannan Show )

We have often seen celebrities and other industry people coming to the forefront and open-up about the casting couch. We saw a lot of names popping up during the #MeToo wave when victims called out the predators of industry who have had been s*xually assaulted. Amidst all this, recently, TV’s celebrated designer Rohit Verma opened up about being s*xually assaulted by one of his family relatives. Not only that, he also opened up about working as a prostitute to fulfill his daily needs.

The designer has been a part of Bigg Boss 3 and later rose to fame with his work in different interviews where he spoke about the dark sides of the industry.



Speaking to Siddharth Kanan, the celebrity designer Rohit Verma shared an anecdote from his childhood and opened up about facing se*ual abuse. He told the host, “I am from a very good family. But my family members are of very old ideas. Even though I was born in a good family, I was sexually abused in my childhood by my real uncle. I was r*ped by my own uncle at the age of eight. He used to make me wear a sari, put hot wax on my body and do more horrific abusive acts. All this went on for three to four years. I never told my parents about this because of fear’.”

‘I needed money in Mumbai. At that time, I used to walk around the Taj wearing girls’ clothes to fulfill my needs. People took me once or twice and I bought designing stuff with the money I got from here. I don’t have any regrets because I wanted to do this, no one ever forced me,” added Rohit Verma.

When he asked if the male actors speak about whether they are gay or bisexual, he stated that no one is straight, everyone is bisexual. “Some people speak openly about it, some are unable to speak. I have been in a relationship with the actor, I will not deny it. Some people do it covertly. But, I have paid a heavy price for speaking out openly,” added Rohit Verma.

The designer further shared an anecdote and revealed, ‘I was once in a relationship with an actor, we used to live in live-in. But then suddenly that actor started getting more work, then he started packing the goods and left.” “When I told him that you don’t have emotions. I have even washed your underwear, then on this he said,” I have also given you a good time in bed,” he added further.

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