Dwayne Johnson’s WWE Return Is Still Possible Amidst Vince’s Return
Dwayne Johnson And Roman Reigns’ Match Is Still In Possible. Read on(Pic Credit: Instagram, Facebook)

With the return of Vince McMahon to the WWE company, rumors of the wrestling giant company being sold were circulated in the air. Many believed he was brought back into the company to ease the process. With Stephanie McMahon stepping down as Chairwoman and CEO, the controversial return of Vince McMahon has raised many questions about the future of the WWE.

WWE has given many Hollywood stars that have made their mark in the industry. Amongst all, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made a big name in Hollywood and with his performance as Black Adam, his fame has gone skyrocketed. Many WWE fans from the ‘Attitude Era” still want to see The Rock returning to the wrestling ring. With Wrestle Mania being around the corner, it has been speculated that The Rock might return for a match with Roman Reigns. They definitely want to see him raising his eyebrows and say, “Can you smell, What the Rock is cooking!”



The Rock and Roman Reigns’ match has been a dream match for many years. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, The Rock will do what it wants to do amidst Vince McMahon’s return. He says, “Dwayne Johnson is going to do what he has the time to do. If he has time, the Vince stuff is going to have no impact whatsoever. He’s going to do it if he feels he can do it well and he has time to train for it.”

Dave Meltzer also reveals the rumored deal of WWE going to a Saudi Arabian company will not happen before Wrestle Mania. “The Vince thing will have no impact. A sale to Saudi Arabia is a different story but that’s not gonna happen before WrestleMania anyway most likely”, says Dave.

Being one of the most anticipated matches of all time, The Rock vs Roman Reigns for Wrestle Mania will definitely sell record tickets! However, let us know what do you think about The Rock’s return to the WWE.

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