CID Actor Shivaji Satam's "Kuch Toh Gadbad Hai Daya" Catchphrase Wasn't Originally Planned
CID Actor Shivaji Satam Reveals The Story Behind “Kuch Toh Gadbad Hai Daya” (PC: IMDb)

CID is a cult of Indian television history. It holds the record of the longest-running Indian show in history (as per years’ count), as it enjoyed a run from 1998 to 2018. Over the years, the characters of the show have made a special place in viewers’ hearts and will stay there forever. Amongst such character is ACP Pradyuman – the boss of the team. Played by veteran actor Shivaji Satam, the character has made its place in the history books of Indian television.

While the show successfully kept its viewers hooked with mystery cases, catchphrases and dialogues are no less than gold. And when it comes to ACP Pradyuman’s “Kuch toh gadbad hai Daya”, masses still go crazy over it. But did you know, the popular catchphrase was originally planned? Scroll below to find out more.

Shivaji Satam was recently indulged in a chat with Hindustan Times where he spoke on different aspects of CID. He shared golden memories and also recalled how “Kuch toh gadbad hai Daya” made its way to the show. He shared that it was during a discussion on a scene with the show’s creator BP Singh when the catchphrase stuck him.

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