Did You Enjoy Jeremy Renner's Disney+Hotstar Series Rennervations? Here Is A List Of Places Worth Checking Out
Did You Enjoy Jeremy Renner’s Rennervations? Here Is A List Of Places Worth Checking Out From The From The Docu-Series ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Rennervations embrace Jeremy Renner’s passion for giving back to communities worldwide. The series follows Renner in his journey as he travels the world helping communities by “reimagining unique purpose-built vehicles.”

The four-part original series, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, features the two-time Academy Award nominee and Marvel superhero Jeremy Renner teaming up with a diverse cast of international celebrities. One of the episodes takes place in India, where Jeremy joins forces with Bollywood icon and ‘Mission Impossible’ co-star Anil Kapoor to explore the stunning state of Rajasthan and address a unique challenge that particularly impacts impoverished communities and children.

But Rajasthan is just one of the many awe-inspiring destinations that Jeremy visits on his global journey witnessed by audience in Rennervations. From one location to the next, he immerses himself in the local scenery while lending a helping hand to the communities he encounters. These locations are a must-see for fans of the show.

Kesroli Fort

The Kesroli Fort shown in Rennervations is a 14th-century fort built by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs, who claim to be descendants of Lord Krishna. Today the Hill Fort is one of India’s premier locations and has hosted many upscale events, including the International Festival of Indian Literature. Sitting on dark Hornstone Breccia rocks, its ramparts rise 50-65 metres commanding vistas of the Rajasthan landscape. This fort’s storied history can be seen through its rustic beauty, and is a must-visit for people.

GSSS Lakshmangarh

Rennervations shows GSSS Lakshmangarh which was originally a fort in the middle of town, donated to the village to start a school in 1940. The school has 700 students, who are fit into 22 classrooms, 4 labs, and one computer lab. At the school, there are no televisions or internet. The teaching methods are old school with a blackboard and chalk. The school teaches 1st through 12th graders and runs Monday through Saturday every week. Jeremy and his best friend Rory spoke with some of the students and joined in a game of cricket.

Manesar Warehouse

The Manesar warehouse is located in New Delhi, where the building crew worked on the vehicle. It is a stoic workspace that shows the depth behind the vehicle built. Fans and viewers can visit this warehouse to look at where Jeremy Renner built the ambitious Mobile Water Treatment Center.

Locations across the Globe

Jeremy Renner and his best friend Rory travel to three other picturesque locations across the globe, including Chicago, Mexico and Reno in Rennervations. While each location is beautiful, they are all unique in their own right. West Garfield Park in Chicago is at the heart of the city and provides a true depiction of the culture and beauty of the city. Similarly, Los Cabos in Mexico and Reno provide amazing scenery that fans and viewers must experience.

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