Jennifer Lopez Couldn't Handle Criticism Once For Her Movie Selena & Blasted At A Journalist, "Certain People Marked For Death Already"
Jennifer Lopez Couldn’t Handle Criticism Once For Her Movie Selena & Blasted At A Journalist For Bad Review Saying, “You Lying B*tch” ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Selena Poster )

Jennifer Lopez has been one of the most controversial celebrities of her time. The actress has been recently grabbing the headlines for her Netflix action drama film The Mother, which has been released before Mother’s Day weekend. However, it was once that she blasted a journalist for her 1997 released film, Selena. The journalist criticised JLo for her performance in the film which did not go down well with the actress.

Lopez was cast as the Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in a film titled Selena which was released in 1997. However, she received severe backlash for being the wrong kind of Latina to play Selena. Jennifer was cast as the titular role in the autobiographical after an audition where she reportedly did nine minutes of singing and dancing and eight pages of script.

Even critics dismissed Jennifer Lopez as Selena and it was during an interview she lost her cool at a journalist for the same. Not only this but the Hustlers actress even hurled abuses at the journalist for writing degrading stuff about her. Scroll down to read her outburst.

Though Selena was a celebrated film, it got some bad reviews. A journalist wrote about Selena’s performance as “The one thing you don’t do when you walk out of this movie says ‘Who’s that girl?'” During one of her interviews, reacting to the criticism, Jennifer said, “There are certain people marked for death already. I have my little list of journalists that have treated me unfairly.”

However, the vengeance went a little too far when The Shotgun Wedding actress decided to blast another journalist from the same publication. As quoted by Animated Times, the actress brought up the review during an interview and said, “I was totally happy with my work in Selena, but out of the 700 reviews… I can quote the one who said, ‘The one thing you don’t do when you walk out of this movie is say ‘Who’s that girl?” I was like, ‘You lying b**ch!’ When another person from the same magazine came up to me, the first thing I said to her was, ‘You tell that other b**ch that writes for your magazine that I’m never talking with her again.'”

Now, Jennifer Lopez, not taking criticism sportingly was another thing but she went a little aboard with her ‘marking for death’ comment. However, she probably managed to take down the infamous “Who’s that girl?” review with her aggressive approach as it rarely exists online.

On the work front, JLo is seen in the Netflix film The Mother which has been produced by her as well. Directed by Niki Caro, the film also stars Lucy Paez and its plotline on IMDb says, “While fleeing from dangerous assailants, an assassin comes out of hiding to protect her daughter she left earlier in life.”

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