Bridgerton Star Jonathan Bailey Opens Up About His S*xuality
Jonathan Bailey Is Openly Gay & Has Inspired Many(Photo Credit: Still From Bridgerton)

One of the most trending things this morning is of course Bridgerton 2 and the new widespread trailer of the show. Apart from the posters and speculations, this happens to be the very first glimpse into the world of these royals. But apart from that, what is making headlines about the show is the leading man Jonathan Bailey. The actor is talking about the time he came out of the closet and if he was told to hide it from the world.


If you are unaware, Jonathan Bailey aka Anthony Bridgerton from the Netflix period show is openly gay. The actor as per reports came out to his friends in his 20s and opened up about it the world in 2020. The actor never hid it from the world but didn’t put words to it. The actor now talks about the time when he was given advice that held him back from coming out. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.


As per GQ Hype interview, Jonathan Bailey was asked if his s*xuality ever created a roadblock in his professional world. He recalled an incident that happened with his actor friend. Bailey said, “At the time he was told ‘There’s two things we don’t want to know: if you’re an alcoholic or if you’re gay.” Jonathan on getting that advice decided to keep his identity a secret.

Jonathan Bailey added, “All it takes is for one of those people in that position of power to say that, and it ripples through. So, yeah, of course, I thought that. Of course, I thought that in order to be happy, I needed to be straight.”

Soon enough Jonathan Bailey who was still thinking about the advice gave up and decided to embrace his own self. He said, “I reached a point where I thought, F**k this, I’d much prefer to hold my boyfriend’s hand in public or be able to put my own face picture on Tinder and not be so concerned about that, than getting a part.”

More power to you Jonathan!

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