4 Behind-The-Scene Facts About Bridgerton That You May Not Know Before
Bridgerton: 4 Behind-The-Scene Facts Of This Netflix Series That You Will Love(Pic credit: IMDb)

Netflix has given us some of the best series and movies this year. If not for them, this year would have been a really difficult ride. Although there are many releases which we can talk about, today we are here to talk about Bridgerton.

This series is one of Netflix’s biggest hits of the year. And after watching it, fans are hungry for every little tidbit they can get their hands on. But some of the best details about the series aren’t related to the story at all. It’s what went into making the show in the first place.

Continue reading further to get some behind-the-scenes facts of Bridgerton that we are sure you will love.

Daphne Never Wears The Same Outfit Twice

Well, she is the leading lady, and this does not come as a shock. If the actors do not repeat their outfits in real life, then this is a series. Look carefully, and you’ll notice the show’s main heroine never wears the same dress twice. According to Mirojnick, the leading lady had over 100 dresses alone.

Queen Charlotte Never Wears The Same Wig Twice

If the leading actress does not wear the same dress again, then how do you expect the Queen to do that? In fact, she has gone a step ahead. Not only does Her Royal Highness, Queen Charlotte, wear a different gown in every scene of Bridgerton, each one comes with a matching wig.

Anthony’s Muttonchops Are His Own

Certain actors like to go all over the top for their roles, and so did Jonathan Bailey for his role as Anthony. Unlike Lukes Thompson and Newton, who wore stick-on sideburns for their roles as Benedict and Colin, Jonathan decided to go full method for his period hair and grow his own muttonchops. We all know how difficult it is to maintain them, so the actor also regretted his decision. We can’t wait to see what will happen in season 2.

Already Used locations

If you think you recognize some of the backgrounds in Bridgerton, you’re not wrong. According to Oprah Magazine, the series is an amalgamation of locations used in various period pieces. From Hatfield House (where The Favourite was filmed) to Wilton House (used in The Crown), it’s where period piece spaces. The series also used the home next door to Prince Charles’ house, featured in several PBS shows, from Downton Abbey to Victoria, and outdoor locations that appeared in Wolf Hall.

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