BLACKPINK Fame Jisoo Talks About The Success Of 'Snowdrop'
BLACKPINK Fame Jisoo Talks About The Success Of ‘Snowdrop’ (Photo Credit: Instagram/Poster From Snowdrop)

South Korean singer and actress Jisoo, who is also a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, is currently enjoying a positive response to her show ‘Snowdrop’. She recently spoke about her favourite prop from the show.


Elaborating on the same, she implied that her favorite props, the paper airplanes symbolize her character, “The most memorable prop for me was the paper airplanes. Yeong-ro flies a lot of them, uses a lot of them, and folds a lot of them to the point where it almost symbolizes her, which is why it’s significant to me.”


Jisoo also mentioned her favourite costume from the show, “My favorite costume is the fur slippers that Yeong-ro wears everywhere. I thought it was the only pair they had and did my best not to wear them out, but they eventually became tattered. Later on, I went into the prop room and found a hundred of them there. I was so shocked, I still remember those slippers.”

In addition, ‘Snowdrop’ also stars ‘Something In The Rain’ star Jung Hae-in. The series, which explores the forbidden love between a South Korean girl and a North Korean spy during the June 1987 Democracy Movement in South Korea, has been written by Yoo Hyun-mi and directed by Jo Hyun-tak. ‘Snowdrop’, is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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