Bigg Boss: 'Enough of bullying', Ridhima Pandit stands up for herself
Ridhima Pandit Is Done With Pratik Sehajpal Bullying Her! (PC: Facebook)

Just a week into the biggest reality show, Bigg Boss OTT loyalists have had a taste of ‘over the top’ drama already as the name suggests. One name that has been the centre of most of the fights inside the house is Pratik Sehajpal.


Accused of constant bickering & provoking, no inmate has been spared of his antics. While Karan Johar called out this behaviour during the first Weekend Ka Vaar, it sems Pratik‘s only way to fame is instigating fights.


The Internet went into a frenzy earlier today after a massive fight broke out between Ridhima Pandit & Pratik Sehajpal. Twitteratti were quick to jump the gun trolling Ridhima, only to later realise that it was an outcome of equal reaction to an action.

As a part of the nomination task, inmates had to select ‘Kamchor Sadasya’. While Ridhima Pandit explained her bit, Pratik Sehajpal intervened & one thing led to another that took an unceremonious turn.

Earlier last week, Ridhima was applauded for finally giving it back to Pratik after everyone complained of him delegating work without any authority. The actress took a sarcastic route to deal with him. She lashed out making a very important point that she will not let any bullying affect her or intimidate her.

Her message was loud & clear & she owned up to herself. She was heard saying, she will not allow any bullying. It must be something that must have ticked off the television’s sweetheart who is otherwise known for her humility.

Well, it is a known fact, Bigg Boss OTT does bring out the best in everyone, even if it is acting out to stand on your ground.

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