As Bigg Boss 15 Is All Set To Premiere, Here’s A Look At 5 Bigg Boss Secrets That Not A Very Few Know About
From Contestant Having S*x To Them Boozing In The BB House – Here Are Some Lesser Known Secrets About Bigg Boss(Photo Credit: Still From Show)

Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 15 is just a day away from its grand premiere and the excitement for the controversial reality show is only rising. As Colors releasing more promos keeping the buzz alive, we at Koimoi decided to bring you some secrets about the Bigg Boss houses.

Over the years, many reports and discussions have been held as to exactly how the house functions. While we all know there is a smoking room – though not shown on camera – to help with the contestants‘ tobacco addictions, we stumbled upon some other interesting facts about BB houses that not many know.

From having s*x to drinking alcohol and even not actually cleaning the place, read on to know these lesser know secrets about the Bigg Boss house.

Liquor Is Banned In The Bigg Boss House?

Well, let us tell you this – it’s not actually the truth. Celebrities have a great social life and this (despite them trying and staying healthy) makes it difficult for them to survive without alcohol. As per Quora user Shubham Kumar, the contestants are served wine and liquor regularly. Wondering why you don’t see them with alcoholic drinks in hand? It is because they are served these drinks in packets of juice as the show is only allowed to show the audiences that they are having only juice and not hard drinks (and wine).

Contestants Are S*xually Active In The Bigg Boss House

A Quora user wrote, that if the celebs get intimate with each other – get too cosy or even have a s*xual relationship – it is no problem at all. It just won’t be telecast. As reported by, these bold and intimate scenes between the couple are not shown considering that the channel is a GEC (General entertainment channel) and the clauses don’t permit makers to show anything obscene. So, all sleazy, intimate scenes are edited.

Housemates Don’t Do All The Cleaning

While in the Bigg Boss house we see contestants being assigned different chores that included cleaning, dusting and more. But here’s a little secret not many may know they do not actually clean the house completely. As per a Quora user, at night the garden lights are kept on because that’s when the staff picks up the trash from the ground. Also, other articles state that to clean the house, some workers are hired too.

The Bigg Boss Houses Are No Less Than A Jungle

While Bigg Boss 15 is ‘Sankat In Jungle,’ the earlier seasons too followed the theme – literally. Let us tell you, there are many insects and flies in the Bigg Boss houses. Since the start (even before Salman Khan came on board as the host) the Bigg Boss houses have been set up at Khandala, Lonavala and in recent years in Film City. All these spaces are open and have frequently seen insects. Sometimes snakes too pay them visits.

Contestants Get Dinner Prepared By Salman Khan’s Cook On The Weekend

Salman Khan has a heart of gold and as per reports, he treats the Bigg Boss contestants to dinners cooked by his chef on the weekends. Now isn’t that yummy!

The Bigg Boss 15 grand premiere will be tomorrow, October 2 at 9.30 pm. The reality show will then air at 10:30 pm on weekdays and 9:30 pm on the weekends only on COLORS.

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