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Shweta Tiwari Gets Full Custody Of Her Son Reyansh & Estranged Husband Abhinav Kohli Gets Visitation Rights (Pic Credit: Instagram/shweta.tiwari, abhinav.kohli024)

In a respite for Shweta Tiwari, the High Court granted her the custody of her 5-year-old Reyansh. Reyansh had been living with Shweta happily since his birth but in the last two years, several unfounded allegations were levelled against Shweta by her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli. He even filed a habeas corpus case against Shweta Tiwari alleging that she kept him away from his son. In his petition, Abhinav while demanding Reyansh’s custody, cited that Shweta is a busy actress and hence doesn’t have enough time for Reyansh. The court, however, dismissed the petition and ordered in favour of Shweta, while granting Abhinav visitation rights for a brief period. As per the order, Abhinav can meet Reyansh for two hours twice a week in their building premises, in the presence of family members.

“This is what I wanted and I am honestly satisfied with the judgement,” said Shweta Tiwari when reached out to her. “Abhinav would follow me everywhere I went in the last two years, he would end up in Delhi or Pune or wherever I travelled with Reyansh for my shows and create a ruckus. It was mentally exhausting for both, me and my child. He would not stop at that and would create a scene and end up at my doorstep anytime,” Shweta added and mentioned that she never stopped Reyansh and Abhinav from talking but wrong allegations were put on her.

“I had always allowed him the right to visit Reyansh. In fact, as per the previous court order, he was only supposed to speak to Reyansh on a video call for half an hour but I never stopped them from talking more because I understand. But that same person went on to paint me as a bad mother, someone who doesn’t care about and is neglecting her child’s health. I work for my family and to give them a good lifestyle, what’s wrong in that? But he kept using that against me and I am glad that the court dismissed those allegations,” Shweta Tiwari sighed.

Shweta also asserted that questioning her role as a working mother is questioning the right of every single parent who has to work for a living. “He alleged that I kidnapped Reyansh and kept him away from him when I have proof that in all cases, he was aware of Reyansh’s whereabouts all the time. Even during Khatron Ke Khiladi shoot, he tried to create yet another scene despite being fully aware of Reyansh’s stay,” Shweta revealed.

The High Court observed that all the allegations levelled by Abhinav against Shweta were baseless and hence decided to keep the custody of the child with his mother. The Court in its judgement said, “there was no material, which prima facie indicates that the custody of the child with the mother was detrimental to his welfare and development. At such a tender age, a child needs the company of the mother and hence keeping him in her custody appears more natural and conducive for the development of the child.“

Not just that arguing on behalf of Shweta Tiwari, her lawyer Hrishikesh Mundargi rubbished the claims that Shweta isn’t able to give time and attention to Reyansh because of her professional commitment. Court, in return, made a great observation. It noted, “ In our view, the issue of welfare of the minor cannot be determined on the sole parameter of the work commitment of one parent and the availability of ample time with another. The fact that respondent No 2 is a busy actor, cannot be contested to unfavourably judge her suitability to have the custody of the child.”

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