'Shalin shouldn't have pressed the buzzer,' Rahul Vaidya warns Shalin about Tina's bad mouthing!
‘Shalin shouldn’t have pressed the buzzer,’ Rahul Vaidya warns Shalin about Tina’s bad mouthing! ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Show Still )

Bigg Boss house witnesses many new friendships blossoming & sometimes some relationships falling apart. However, Shalin & Tina’s friendship has always been in the eye of the storm considering Tina’s ever-changing stance.

While everyone in the house & also the host & fans alike have advised Shalin to steer clear of Tina as she is instrumental in weakening his game as Shalin continues to be protective & a good friend to Tina, Tina has always dismissed him & gone ahead & taken a dig at Shalin who she on record claims to be her only friend in the house.



When Shalin Bhanot was given a choice to either save prize money or save Sumbul & Tina from eviction, he choose the former to protect the prize money & hoping Tina’s fans would support her in huge numbers, little did he know that Tina has been losing support due to her actions inside the house causing her to lose to Sumbul & she as evicted but came back again, thanks to Shalin pressing the buzzer for her this time under pressure.

Ever since her re-entry, Tina leaves no stone unturned to pull Shalin Bhanot down.

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Vaidya calls out Tina openly & tweeted in favour of Shalin Bhanot.

He wrote, ‘Tina’s only contribution to this season is to bad mouth Shalin! That’s it !!! She doesn’t have anything else to offer … Shalin really shouldn’t have pressed the buzzer!’

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